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Another four years to wait

Svensational or Sick as a gutted parrot? – I didn’t have the chance to put a question to Sven – but if I had, I suspect the answer may have been a follows…

“It was a long hard road and the journey was difficult. But at the end of the day it was not posible to go forward any more. Some of you say that I did not know what I was doing all the time. You are wrong I knew that I did not know what I was doing all the time. Was I a good manager? That is for others to judge. For myself, I wanted much more money but it is not always possible to have what you want, I think. So I say to the team and I say to the fans you have not got what you want. I am sorry for that, of course. But now I go on holiday for maybe a year. Goodbye England.”

Wayne Rooney said he was “gobsmacked” to be sent off for a stamp on Ricardo Carvalho in England’s World Cup quarter-final against Portugal. Sven, as a parting shot, no longer in character as Chance the Gardner, urged Ingerland fans not to kill him. Excellent stuff. One can’t imagine the Chairman of the England cricket selectors urging the cricket barmy army not to kill any of our cricketers – who appear, it has to be said, to be struggling at the moment with injury and actually playing some good cricket.

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