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Sunday, bloody Sunday – Bush sings

BushBush sings famous U2 song – with some help from clever editing. If you can watch film on the net, you may enjoy this. Clever.

Hear Bush sing


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Italy’s taxis go on strike against plan for ‘Blairite’ deregulation
The Independent: 4th July

I was sipping an espresso this morning when I came across this headline on The Independent website. I could not resist.

“Italy’s notoriously surly taxi drivers went on strike yesterday in the first of a series of planned protests against a “Blairite” decree law introduced by the centre-left government of Romano Prodi to liberalise the economy by depriving various trades and professions of restrictive market privileges.”

The Italian taxi drivers may or may not be surly but I do like the idea of a group of taxi drivers criticising the Italian government for bringing in ‘Blairite’ reforms. Perhaps The Lord Protector has spent so much time in Italy the Italians regard him as one of their own?

Meanwhile I am finding, increasingly, on the rare occasions I leave West London by mini-cab, that I have to drive the taxi myself (or at least do all the directions/map reading) because the firm I have used for years has taken to employing drivers from Afghanistan. Some of them are amazing in their knowledge of London – but I had the misfortune recently to have one Afghan driver who did not even know where The Strand was. It was not great – but he beamed and told me he had GPS in his cab. It was only when I realised he was heading back to “Strand on The Green” (co-incidentally where the taxi firm is based) that I realised he had not understood my wish to go to “The Strand”. He had an A-Z, thanfully, so I was able to point at the map and guide him vaguely in the right direction. It was quite a journey. I did more directing than the increasingly hysterical voice coming from the GPS unit mounted on his dashboard. I gave him the fare and asked for a tip. He looked bemused. I said it was customary in London to give the driver a tip – and that as I had done all the directions/map reading , he should give me a tip. I waived my ‘tip’ because I was pretty sure he would need the cash to refit his steering wheel mounted airbag at some stage on the journey back to Chiswick, via Barnsley.

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Thanks to Nick Holmes….

It is down to encouragement from Nick Holmes, Binary Law and InfoLaw supremo, that I have come from the age of the dawn of man ‘html land’ to the 21st Century of WordPress software for my blawg.

It seems to do everything I need and you may even comment, should you wish to. I do, of course, reserve the right to delete any inappropriate posts. Unfortunately, the software does not correct typos – so they will, I am sure, remain a feature of my blawg.

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consilioNew look for Consilio – the online magazine for students and Legal Practitioner Newswire (the variant for practitioners)

The Editors are particularly keen for practising barristers and solicitors who wish to publish articles and reach a wider audience to get in touch.  You may do this by emailing Mike Semple Piggot msp@spr-law.com

The magazines are free and are updated daily with articles, features, legal round ups,  daily legal news, law reports and my own blawg.

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Ephemera and some useful stuff…

CharonTalk Digger is a web application that helps users to find, follow and join conversations evolving on the Internet. It’s a search engine using the link-back feature of many other search engines.

Type in your URL and see who is talking about your site and what they have to say.
Talk Digger returns results from Technorati, Google, MSNSearch, Bloglines, Blogpulse, Yahoo, Blogdigger, Feedster and Digg.

hoodie Hoodie accessories – It is too hot for the ‘hoodies’ these days. What do they do? Do they just stay indoors, waiting for cooler days before they come back out to do their business? We now have the answer.

belt People invading your space?
It just is not a problem now with this belt with a flag on it reading “Excuse me. Makes a change from sticking a flag on your car.  You could I suppose, even brand it with the name of your law firm or chambers. I wander what the Health & Safety at Work people would think of this ?

“Been injured in the street by an ‘Excuse me belt’?  Log on to Ambulancechasers.com and soon you will have a cheque in your hands.”

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And so..on the 4th of July

Geeklawyer bikeWhile I am reminded a bit of journalists interviewing each other when there is no news to report on, I was pleased to find that Geeklawyer took some pleasure in the brief mention I gave his blog on my ‘pre-historic’ blawg, the old version.

Enjoying the comment on his website “the monstrously vain Geeklawyer will read anything less than physical violence as praise”, I looked at his ‘About us’ section and discovered a fellow biker. That is Geeklawyer’s bike – a useful bit of kit. Having bored my non-footballing friends with my fairly ‘untutored’ comments about football during the world cup, I am not about to embark on a motor bike fest, other than to say that I have now had over fifteen different bikes from Fireblades, R1s, and Ducati’s through to Blackbirds and street bikes. They keep me sane.

Blogroll – I have put Geeklawyer’s blog on my blogroll (Nick Holmes of Binary Law was right – this software is fairly useful!). I shall be putting other blogs up shortly.

Royal Courts in heatwave dispensation
It is heartening to see that barristers were permitted to remove their wigs in court yesterday. I have a friend whose wig is a truly incredible object, yellowed with age, battered (but unbowed) and sits in an old tin box seething with malicious intent. Do barristers enjoy wearing wigs? Some do. It makes clear that they are not solicitors. Is there really any need, in the 21st Century, for men and women, of our century to look like extras in a historical drama? Legal news is a bit short on the ground at the moment – but I was prompted to write by seeing this news in my tabloid of choice, The Miror, who were doing the usual ‘scorcher’ article and dragging up all manner of nonsense on the current heatwave, including the news of the RCJ wig dispensation.





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