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The secret state

“Secret military/intelligence documents and laptops seem to have an alarming tendency to end up accidentally left in pubs or abandoned in ditches.”

This blog report by Guardian News blogger, Mark Oliver is fascinating…and well worth a quick read.

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Happy Birthday Dubya

George is 60 today

Pic from a Voice for Freedom

Bizarrely, I was reading The Times of India online ( I honestly have absolutely no idea why) when I discovered that George Bush is 60 today. According to the newspaper, Bush has been commenting on his advancing years at every opportunity and even addressed the matter in his State of the Union speech as a ‘personal crisis’ – although some say that this could be a world crisis in the making.

Ordinarily, I would not be that interested in Mr Bush’s birthday, but today is no ordinary day – so I set about the net to find some ephemera. It did not take me long to find a story which amused me.. here it is: Here is the story link

Even Bush’s Feces & Urine
Are Classified Top Secret
All Of It Captured And Flown Back From Europe

Apparently The White House flew in a special portable toilet to Vienna for Bush’s personal use during his visit. The mind boggles. But this is a matter of national security. The White House don’t want some enterprising foreign spy analysing the President’s body wastes to determine his medical condition. The article is strangely fascinating. Apparently the CIA used to test Gorbachev’s waste. The report also reveals that food for Bush was flown in and treated with special chmicals before he ate it. This may explain why the President is always so keen to slip away and eat cheeseburgers. I shall sleep soundly knowing that the world is safe again.

Even the Guardian mark his 60th with a Quiz: How much do you know about George Bush. (I failed miserably)

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Blogger freedom?

boingboing is one of the blogs I visit regularly – eclectic, amusing, and usefully informative.  They picked up on a story about Singapore’s most famous blogger ‘Mr Brown’ – but it was the extract from a government spokesman’s announcement which interested me particularly

“It is not the role of journalists or newspapers in Singapore to champion issues, or campaign for or against the Government. If a columnist presents himself as a non-political observer, while exploiting his access to the mass media to undermine the Government’s standing with the electorate, then he is no longer a constructive critic, but a partisan player in politics.” 

Interestingly repressive view.  I shall reflect on these words and see what I am in the light of them.

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Ingerland fightback?

Rooney History is a curious thing. Portugal is our oldest ally and rivalry between England and France, in many different forms, goes back to the time of the Norman Conquest. Yet not one of the ten or so watching Portugal lose to France in The Swan appeared to be supporting Portugal. The papers, of course, had a field day this morning.
I was sent this grim pastiche (left) this morning by one of my Ingerland supporting friends. You may already have seen it. It is going around the email circuit quite rapidly now.

I like both France and Italy – so I will take a leaf out of the Pope’s book and support each country for one half each and then support the winner. Nothing like a bit of papal bull.

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