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Mobile phone rage

JudgeUS judge loses it in court

Mobile phones can cause extreme and irrational irritation. I particularly detest certain idiotic ringtones which often preface equally asinine conversation, usually shouted because the moron using the phone thinks the person at the other end can’t hear he/she is having difficulty hearing what his/her caller is saying.

Here is a great story about a US judge who took direct and immediate action – when a mobile phone went off in court. It is worth a look

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History matters

CromwellAn amusing story in The Independent caught my eye. Stephen Fry speaking at the launch of Heritage Sectors “History matters” campaign told of a difficult incident between Robin Cook, the then Foreign Secretary and Irish Prime Minister Bertie Ahern. The Taiosaich walked into Cook’s office and walked straight out, saying “I’m not coming in until you have taken down that picture of that murdering bastard.”

Hanging on the wall was a picture of Cromwell. Fry said “It was a bit like hanging up a portrait of Eichmann before a visit of the Israeli Prime Minister. That shows that history does indeed matter.”

and… I just could not resist this from Private Eye’s WorldcupBalls:

“Beckham has one of the best passes in the game – provided there’s another player at the end of it ” ITV commentator

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