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Deus et natua non faciunt frusta

God and Nature do not work together in vain

The online Telegraph reports that lawyers in top 50 firms are turning into millionaires with the splendidly rich partners at Slaughter & May leading the way breaking the £1 million barrier per partner. Lovell’s partners have, according to the same article, been told to work harder to sustain profitability with billable hour targets being raised to 2,200

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Ordinarily I would not draw attention to the fact that I might have overdone the juice. I went onto Geeklawyer’s blog (which I enjoy) late on Saturday night and found myself posting a question on one of his entries.. Unfortunately, I got carried away and started posting on his blog comments section because I could not remember the password to mine – a temporary state, addressed by looking up an email. Reviewing a post, I realised with horror that it was littered with typos. Unable to correct these typos I decided that I would send some more posts – bizarrely, including one to try and cover up my inebriated state.  WordPress informed me that my comment had been sent to the headmaster’s study for moderation. So I had a bit more Rioja.

This is Geeklawyers response:

  1. Geeklawyer Says:
    July 9th, 2006 at 12:43 pm Your posts were indeed passed to me for moderation by WordPress but were felt to be appropriate to the enebriated spirit of this blog: the image of a drunken barrister editing the the manifestly sozzled writings of a fellow lawyer being impossible to resist. As was the idea of him being too pissed to edit his own blog so instead writing on mine. Great.Absum.

Mea culpa. I will have to fit a breathalyser to my blog.

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Le Headbutt

HeadbuttTo Zidane?

It is probably best, given my poor knowledge of football, that I do not add to the acres of coverage on the world cup by commenting on the World Cup Final – but I thought it might be of some interest to refresh my knowledge of the art of headbutting, so ably demonstrated to the world by Zidane last night.

My first port of call was Wikipedia, where the subject has been covered in some depth.

A headbutt is a strike with the head, typically involving the use of robust parts of the cranium as area of impact. Effective headbutting revolves around striking a sensitive area with a less sensitive area, such as striking the nose of an opponent with the forehead. A misplaced headbutt can cause more damage to the person performing the headbutt than to the person receiving it.

The Wikipedia entry, thoughtfuly, provides a picture to demonstrate an advanced form of the technique.

So.. the World Cup is over, the flags have been removed from vans and cars (and my glasses) and the media circus moves on… Ingerland now has two years under a new coach to win Euro 2008 and Rooney got away with a two match ban. Italy, when the celebrations are over, can get down to the vexed question of issuing pardons to clubs involved in usual practices.

Perhaps Dame Vera Lynn could sing us out?…“We’ll meet again…don’t know where…don’t know Sven…. But I know we’ll meet again some sunny day.”

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