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No loans here…

Well of course I didn’t actually go to Downing Street this morning to ask for a loan. That would have been a preposterous idea. What if I had gone to No 10 to offer to make a loan?.. a modest amount..what would I have been told?

The Loans for Honours scandal rumbles on and now that Special Directorate Plod have got their teeth stuck into a few of the protagonists (and who knows if Mr Blair will be interviewed?) and the fourth estate are circling in bloodied waters, hyperventilating, we can be absolutely certain that this story will not go away until all is revealed.

Downing Street accept (Blair has said that the buck stops with him on this issue) that it must only be a matter of time before Blair is interviewed by the Police. The Guardian covers the issue.

My advice? Let the Deputy Prime Minister handle it…give him something to do and should puzzle the Police for a while. I’ve just read the transcript of John Humphrey’s interview with John Prescott. Classic stuff. Here it is.

Is there any truth in the story that potential Hansard writers are asked to report Mr Prescott’s utterances in parliament before being passed, to coin a phrase ‘fit for the purpose’?

I hope the Beeb will forgive me – but this is one of the bits which left me almost crying with laughter…pure madness. I have copied from the report linked above – which is the full transcript.

“Today I’ll be opening the Wilberforce Centre in Hull with the president of Ghana. I mean, these are the things I’m involved in in the job, John, and I get on with it.

JH: But isn’t the problem this, that you are the Deputy Prime Minister, that job requires a certain amount of dignity in its holder. The view is that you have lost that dignity, and in the views of many people, um, that you have become a bit of a figure of fun.

You know that as well as I do. Is it tenable that you should hold on under these circumstances?

JP: Well, I mean, others have to make judgements about that. I’ll try to do my job, I can’t avoid that.

They will make it clear to me in one way or another, right, and I have to take these things into account. But you became a figure of fun not so long ago, when you made that speech and somebody leaked it, John. You know the fierce storm…

JH: I’m not the deputy prime minister, though.

JP: Well no but you act very much like it, I’m bound to say, but you are paid by the taxpayer, are you not?”

He wasn’t drinking…but if he was, I want to know what it was because I’d like to try some.

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