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RollonFriday competition

RollonFriday usually has unusual items and this week they have got into the spirit of things with a brand new competition…I quote from the News of 14th July
Ridiculous application form competition

Inspired by messages on our discussion board, we are looking for the most ridiculous questions asked by law firms at interviews or in application forms.

The discussion was prompted by a question on Withers’ training contract application form – “to which fictional character do you most relate, and why?”. And the suggested answer of “the fatty who gets done from behind in Deliverance” showed a clear understanding of the nature of the partner/trainee relationship.

Withers can’t be alone in this. So please let us know the most ridiculous question you’ve faced, either on an application form or at interview. And, if you were on good form at the time, what was your answer?”

Click here to get the RoF application form – if you win, they will send you a RollonFriday tee-shirt.

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Bowl line and length

Cricket“Cricket needs brightening up a bit. My solution is to let players drink at the beginning of the game, not after. It always works in our picnic matches.” – Paul Hogan

I enjoy cricket – 5 days of subtle warfare, rather more interesting than the one day series (which we aren’t terribly good at) and, as I write, during my lunch hour, England are at 412-4 with P D Collingwood heading towards the double century.

Hang on…. 412-4. I have been drinking espresso for much of the morning. This can’t be? But… it is. The BBC never get cricket wrong.

On the final day of the Ashes tour last year I went with a group of friends to The Bollo, a gastropub nearby, managed by a sportsmad Australian. We sat at a long table watching the plasma screen. We drank wine (Rioja), Guinness, Rose and all manner of things. The Aussie, Ashley, was nervous. It looked as if England might recover The Ashes. We signalled our desire for more booze to Ashley with various Umpire signals. Hand raised aloft ( a Six) meant – another class of Rose, The signal for a boundary was a Rioja and ‘Out’ the raised finger, crooked in the manner of the famous umpire who uses that signal – meant a Guinness. It was a great afternoon. I celebrated this famous victory by filling a box of ‘Bollo’ matches with cigarette ash and taped it up with sellotape after getting all present to sign the box – including our Aussie host, Ashley. We called it “Ashley’s Ashes”. Codebreaker, who writes on my blawg, varnished it to create a look of antiquity and I mounted the box on a small rosewood plinth. I have this box in my possession – but Ashley, who stills runs the Bollo, reminds me that vengeance is coming and November is not far away. He has cleared a spot on the Bar display cabinet for “Ashley’s Ashes’..if (when) Australia win “The Ashes”.

Well, injury, illness and weird stuff from Trescothick, has weakened the England side – Vaughn and Flintoff are, for the moment, out, Jones is injured, as is Giles – but it is looking good as I listen to the commentary today. Nothing like listening to a bit of cricket while one ploughs through some work. God help me… I’m turning into one of those characters from “Last of The Summer Crime”

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