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Bow Street MagsBow Street Mags hears last case 14th July

Purely by chance, I happened to be at Pizza Express in Covent Garden on Friday at 3.00 having a meeting. I had been invited to have tea at The Savoy – but they don’t let people wearing bright yellow motorbike helmets and leather jackets into the celebrated salon (I have no problem with that) so I chose Pizza Express as a convenient meeting venue.

I saw the last criminal coming out the doors, feted like a celebrity, a homeless man who received a conditional discharge for breaking an ASBO – a far cry from the serious criminals like Crippen, The Krays, Lord Haw-Haw and Oscar Wilde (A serious criminal?) who started their journeys to British Justice at that very court.

Bow Street has been running for 270 years. The Bow Street runners, a pre-cursor to the Police, were founded in 1750. Wikipedia has the info.

Now it is to be turned into a ’boutique hotel’ by an irish property developer – god help us. It seems the cash strapped government did not want to preserve this building for posterity. It could have been used as a training venue for police officers, budding lawyers, and others involved in law enforcement. It could have been used for films. It could have been used as a court room by law schools in London – it could even have been used as a museum of criminality and law enforcement. But no…it is to be turned into a hotel. A missed opportunity, I think, perhaps typical of a government which knows the price of everything, (whither the price of a peerage these days?) but seem to know the value of nothing.

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A different kind of honour

Today I was invited to join Geeklawyer’s forum – which I really appreciated. It makes a change from being asked by ‘persons unknown’ if I want a peerage or Viagra and, to be frank – if I was an american, which I am not, I would probably have written a self help book to express my warmth and felt ‘validated’.

Thankfully I am not in a green jump suit and manacles, surrounded by burger eating US Marshalls, after a non-reciprocal extradition to The USA, so I decided to make my first post on his forum reflect the pleasures of a night out at my local. I have a feeling Geeklawyer’s forum will be a good place to visit for the more anarchic among you. You may reach it here. And if you wish to gain some insight into what Charon does at The Swanon Friday nights…look at the ‘Miscellaneous’ thread in the LAWYERS section – or here

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