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A Saturday in West London

Here is ‘Rowbike’ a new device (American, of course) to get you fit and propel you around in some style. It looks ridiculous, but it could be the answer for the hordes of militant cyclists in London to really get one over on their competitors and other road users. Now you can row yourself through the red traffic light. Have a look at the film on the website. I can see that I may have to get one.


Aliens again I’m afraid…. Yes, here is an American who actually speaks to Aliens. He has gone to a fantastic amount of effort to do so. His film work is not too good and I am not entirely sure of his sanity – but if he is speaking to aliens, at last he is not out buying machine guns and other weapons to amuse himself with, and he seems to enjoy using his life in this way. I like the bit in the film where he says that ‘ he cannot understand what the aliens are saying to him.’ Priceless.

Mind you.. I’m not sure who is more daft: Him or me for writing about it?

Google right on the button with their advertising…?

It may be a spoof…but who knows?

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