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Allow me to introduce you to….

My older brother.. Professor R D Charon LLB, MA, Ph.d

Yes… it is difficult when one stands in the shadow of talent. It nearly ruined my life. “RD” does in fact know some law and maintains to this day that I may have been better suited to a career with the Metropolitan Police as a Constable. RD spent most of his life writing books which no-one reads and teaching students. He also managed to spend a fair bit of time trying to subvert Heads of Department, Deans and Vice Chancellors. He did, in fact, become Dean of an undistinguished law school and it is best, perhaps, that we do not identify this institution. You may, therefore, take it, that no UK or other university will be identifiable from his ‘musings’. The same will apply to those colleagues he worked with who he will, undoubtedly, be merciless about.

I have asked “RD” (Not even I know his first name.) to assist me with my blawg by commenting on matters to do with legal education.

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Geeklawyer has an amazing story about mad judges…. look at the comments.  This is the story 

To get the full impact – click on the comments section below the story as well

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Paul McKenna wins libel case

The Guardian reports that McKenna has won his libel case..

In his ruling, Mr Justice Eady described the case as “curious” with “much energy expended to very little purpose”.

I went to a Paul McKenna stageshow many years ago – a stage version of his famous TV show. I thought it would be fun – and it was, as it happens, most enjoyable. I have also used his ‘Stop Smoking’ hypnosis video several times. I enjoyed being hypnotised (I assume I was) but, as I am clearly still smoking at professional standards,  it did not work for me. However, in McKenna’s defence…he does say that he cannot make people do things against their will.

Well..there we are.. Encouraged by this victory… I may have to have a look and see if I can find a university which will honour me for work I am doing, my life experience and a copy of some of my former written work. If you happen to know any university needing a new Vice-Chancellor, please email me. Vice Chancellor Charon D.Litt would do nicely…. especially if I can get a ‘K’ to go with it.

Photoshop has given me a taste of how I might look in a procession. Yes… I could do a bit of that.

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The man who would be King…

It is not often that I feel the need to write about Constitutional Law (I leave that to those who teach or practise in the field) – but a wonderful story in The Guardian today has prompted me. Here is the link to the full story – worth a read.

In 1931, a Shropshire police inspector called King Anthony insisted he had a better claim to the throne than George V. King Anthony, described as tall and impeccably dressed whipped up the crowds at a series of talks/rallies to put his claim. Descended from a bastard son of Henry VIII, King Anthony maintained that James 1 of England was an imposter, James Erskine, whom he dubbed “goggle-eyed Jim”.

Of King George V, King Anthony said: “The King is a German, a pure bred German … I want to become the first policeman to cut off the King’s head.” ranted King Anthony, adding that “he would have no hesitation in shooting the king as he would shoot a dog.” Not surprisingly the Palace was a bit alarmed by this and plans were hatched to have him quietly declared insane. Unfortunately, the doctors would not play ball. The Guardian writer observes wryly “To the disappointment of the police and the Home Office: “His claim that he is entitled to the kingship of this country is not the mere autogenic delusion of the usual man who says ‘I am king’ but is a case of a sort.”

Again.. I quote from the Guardian.. “King George was consulted. He agreed that the full force of the law should be used to “put a stop to the effusions of the impostor”, as long as the monarch’s involvement was kept secret and it did not end in Hall’s imprisonment. ”

Well they finally nailed him. He was arrested for quarrelsome and scandalous language, fined £10 and bound over to keep the peace with a surety of £25 or the alternative of 2 months imprisonment and hard labour. King Anthony died in 1947 with no male heir. The Throne of the United Kingdom was saved.

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