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Time on your hands?…

No work ? Or just need a break? Try putting a football into the bin

Police to question Prescott on corruption: Independent Story
Tony Blair is in the States, standing up to Bush about stem cell research and colluding on Lebanon, while Jack Straw breaks ranks by criticising Blair’s stance on Lebanon. Prescott is in charge of Great Britain and, will be for another four weeks when Blair goes on holiday when he returns from the States. Prescott intends to rebuild his tattered image by visiting the regions – but will also have to find time to talk to Fraud Squad Plod about his visits to dome building american billionaire.

The Independent reports : Lord Oakeshott of Seagrove Bay, a Liberal Democrat Treasury spokesman, said Mr Prescott was guilty of a clear conflict of interest. “The act makes it very clear that hospitality must not be accepted from anyone who has obtained a government contract. The rules are very clear but the Government has been very casual about them. John Prescott wouldn’t recognise a conflict of interest if it punched him on the nose,” he said.

It is re-assuring to know that the Police are spending so much time invesitigating senior government ministers. Tony Blair, it is felt, may himself have to face questioning on the loans for honours scandal and now the DPM may find himself down at the local nick while the tape recorders whirr away. Will he be fingerpirnted? Will a DNA swab be taken?

Millions of children to be fingerprinted: The Observer reveals this morning that under EU legislation, millions of children – perhaps as young as six, will be fingerprinted. This is the brainchild of the EU ‘Article 6 Commitee”. Initially, of course, the fingerprints will only be accessible by the individual member state – but, then as is the way, it may be throught wise that all 25 states should be able to access all the fingerprints and, then, because we wish to promote good relations with foreign non-EU states, the possibility, at some unidentified time in the future, there exists the possibility that foreign secret services will have access (they call it ‘interoperability’) to the database.

‘Secure passports make a lot more sense than ID cards,’ said Shami Chakrabarti, director of the human rights group Liberty. ‘But only as long as the information that is kept is no more than necessary and is not shared with other countries.’

Meanwhile, Gordon Brown is believed to be drawing up plans to scrap the costly ID card scheme because he does not believe that £18 billion pounds is good value for this project.

‘Say it ain’t so, Joe.’ Geoffrey Wheatcroft, writing in the Observer tells us why he loathes the sporting life now riddled with bungs, drugs and cheats. It is an interesting article – and, of course, he has a point. What is the point of watching sport when the competitors are loaded to the eyeballs with steroids, testosterone and other performance enhancing drugs.

I spent an enjoyable couple of hours, recovering from life enhancing Rioja on Friday night, watching Grevious Bodily Harmison and Monty Panesar destroy Pakistan on the cricket field at Old Trafford. Fascinating stuff – although cricket has had a share of cheating in recent times.

To be frank – I would quite like to see an alternative sporting competition where renegade sportsmen/sportswomen, who have been caught cheating, are allowed to perform with drugs and other enhancing products. What about seeing a muscle bound monster complete the 100 metres in 6 seconds, or watch a high jumper jump 20 feet into the air. What about a fast bowler who can deliver a cricket ball at over 200 mph? A Rugby player, so large and so fast, that no-one can bring him down and he scores 100 points on his own? Preposterous, of course.

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