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There is an interesting story in Legal Week about the trend for major City law firms to send their trainees to do a tailor made LPC at a small group of leading vocational law schools.

Both BPP and The College of Law will, of course, deliver an appropriate course to the firms who select them as trainers of choice for the LPC. At least, one assumes this to be the position, on the basis of the quality of their current provision – unless the scale of operation becomes so large that they cannot maintain quality. Time will tell.

 Bridget Prentice MP recently gave a talk to the profession about diversity. I commented on her speech a few days ago

I’ve decided to write a more detailed piece on this topic – so have withdrawn my earlier comments

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Pilgims disappointed…

PILGRIMS who queued to drink from a miracle fountain flowing from a statue of the late pope John Paul II were disappointed to hear it is just a council-installed water pipe.

Locals in the pope’s birthplace of Wadowice, near Krakow, thought a miracle had happened when water started to run from the base of his statue. Hundreds flocked to the site to fill water bottles with ‘holy water’. Story

I would imagine the religious people who did flock to the statue would be extremely disappointed to learn that the water came from a newly installed tap. I am not a great believer in miracles, the paranormal or, as it happens any of the gods currently in favour. I find that this enables me to be independent and look at issues rationally without being clouded by a specific religious prejudice. I have also noticed that quite a few wars in history and, indeed, in our time, are based on religious prejudice or intolerance. However, each to their own. I saw a story the other day where a woman was asked by Police to take a sign off her gate. The sign read ” Beware of the dog..we feed him on Jehovah’s Witnesses.”

Now..if someone could turn Thames Water into a fine Rioja… that would interest me, especially if the Thames workmen were late in coming to repair the pipes.

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638 ways to kill Castro…

I had to look twice when I saw this on the Guardian website – quite an interesting article

“For nearly half a century, the CIA and Cuban exiles have been trying to devise ways to assassinate Fidel Castro, who is currently laid low in Cuba following an operation for intestinal bleeding. None of the plots, of course, succeeded, but, then, many of them would probably be rejected as too fanciful for a James Bond novel.”

We seem to have a morbid fascination for the demise, death or political departure of world leaders. Some Cubans are already dancing in the street, but it may be premature. We know when George Dubya is going. It is written into the US Constitution. Speculation still continues about Blair’s trip to the political departure gate.

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Domesday book online…

The National Archive has come up trumps with this fascinating website

“Domesday is our most famous and earliest surviving public record. It is a highly detailed survey and valuation of all the land held by the King and his chief tenants, along with all the resources that went with the land in late 11th century England. The survey was a massive enterprise, and the record of that survey, Domesday Book, was a remarkable achievement. There is nothing like it in England until the censuses of the 19th century.”

I had a quick look around. Unfortunately Chiswick in West London did not appear to exist – but there is a Chiswick in Essex. Cesewic. Chiswick in Essex? God help us.. I shall definitely be writing to our local online website/newsletter “W4” with this information. Well worth a look – and, a perfectly justifiable entry in my blawg (unlike many) – and a little bit of recreation for tax lawyers and land lawyers!

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When I got up this morning I thought I might start the blawg with something sensible..but why? –  when one can draw your attention to Indicatears. Yesterday it was a plastic jumping lederhosen – today..indicatears. The website for this bizarre gadget says: “Now ears a good idea. Indicatears are great fun and a novel new gadget for cyclists, or anyone who wants to let other people know which way they want to turn.

No more confusion then, just wear your Indicatears and they will light up either your right ear or your left ear to indicate that you want to turn right or left. Now isn’t that clever!”

While I am all in favour of bicycle riders being more visible and indicating their intentions, I’m not sure that this is going to catch on. Perhaps Tony Blair should get some and then he can indicate which way he is going to turn when he makes his next sound bite?

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