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A customer leaving the bar?  Who knows?  But, bizarre though it may be, a bar in China has come up with a novel way of attracting customers – by allowing them to beat up the bar staff.

It is pleasing when the BBC find unusual stories.

The ‘Anger bar’ is a big hit. Astonishingly..“Clients can ask the men to dress as the character they wish to attack.” 

Well…thoughts of volenti non fit injuria came to mind, occupier’s liability, assault, battery, and a touch of s.18 and s.20 OAPA 1861.  Glad I was able to shoehorn in a bit of law.

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Cricket and and idiocy…

If you are into cricket (which I am) the game today with Pakistan, which England won to take the series 2-0 with one to play, was great sport.  I keep a weather eye out on a small TV in my office.

However… sadly, not all cricket commentators commentate with style. Fox Sports reports: “FORMER Test batsman Dean Jones has been sacked from his job as a TV commentator, after referring to South Africa’s Muslim batsman, Hashim Amla, as a “terrorist”. Jones, who admitted making the comment and apologised, was on a commentary team covering the second Test between Sri Lanka and South Africa in Colombo.”

Unbelievable.  A case of mouth before brain.

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