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Rollonfriday has a beauty this week…

I visited RollonFriday, as I do from time to time, and found this marvellous nonsense on their news. This guy would enjoy talking to my brother ‘RD’. They would get on well. The Professor – does not do emails. I may well email him – through the faculty.  I may even call him to read my blawg to him.  You will note that The professor ‘likes for people to come and read things to (him)’. If you wish to see Prof Wexler – here is his page on UBC. Excellent nonsense. I must, however, adopt the comment ‘My mind is like a samurai sword. If I read e-mail, it will dull my blade”

I have just seen the learned prof’s personal webpage. Come to think of it – I think we need more academics like this. Quite enjoyed his webpage – not much on it – but worth a look

Below is the reason (from his own web page) why he does not do email

Steve Wexler
Associate Professor of Law
University of British Columbia

I do not do e-mail.

You may phone me at:
604 822 2194 or 604 228 8953

Write to me at:
UBC Faculty of Law,
1822 East Mall,
Vancouver, B.C.
V6T 1Z1

Come see me at:
Room 240, law school

I do not do e-mail because what I do as an intellectual requires me to read things very carefully and think about them very hard. My mind is like a samurai’s sword. If I read e-mail, I will dull my blade. I am very selective about what I read and would much rather talk to people than read. I like for people to come and read things to me. Then I can talk to them about what they have read. “Chatting” on line is not what I mean by talking.

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I wrote this some time ago…on my oldstyle blawg on Consilio, our online magazine – I have extended it, simply, because I wish to.

“Well…I spliced the main brace last night and ended up three sheets to the wind. I can tell you that Mrs C was taken aback. Thought I was for the high jump. Mind you, it was cold enough outside to freeze the balls off a brass monkey. I was at a loose end, you see, and our work is, after all, money for old rope. Hadn’t had a square meal for hours which is probably why I was over refreshed.. Normally, of course I accept all drinks invitations at the drop of a hat and I am sure Mrs C took my excuse on the phone earlier with a pinch of salt. But hook or by crook, I was determined to join you at this wonderful bar for a spot of grog. Needed a hair of the dog anyway, but at the risk of flogging a dead horse and not wishing to be a fly in the ointment, I made my way over the water to get here. After all, mate, I don’t have feet of clay and these days one has to stand up and be counted, throw one’s hat into the ring…you understand, I am sure. Anyway..I would not be worth my salt if I had chickened out. Anyway..as you can see, I grasped the nettle, knowing that we would not have to pay through the nose here and it is not as if I had drunk a Mickey Finn…By the way…why are those Germans looking at me so strangely…. speaking the Queen’s English, which they understand, I am sure….so what is the problem? I am a good European. I back the EU..why are they staring at me that way?

Anyway..where was I ? Ah yes…It is a moot point as to whether I was left in the lurch when Johnny pegged out after having too many irons in the fire, which put the dampers on my plans to hold the fort and bag a table …..

Of course…we all understand the above phrases..but how many of us know where they come from? An excellent book “Red Herrings and White Elephants” by Albert Jack will make all clear. Available at Waterstones and all our other favourite legal bookshops.

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Plain English…

“Lawyers have been writing two words instead of one since the Norman Conquest,” says Mark Painter, an Ohio appeals court judge.

There are many benefits in writing in plain English – but in my view the world be dull if all writing was plain. If you are interested in writing in plain English – this is the website for you: Plain English

For my part, while I am quite prepared to write clear letters (with no typos) – I actually enjoy using unusual words, I enjoy convolution and using words and sentences to create mood, atmosphere – even at the risk of a lack of clarity. Of course, if I happen to decide to blawg when I am ‘three sheets to the wind’ – and come up with a pile of nonsense, then I fall back on my prerogative as a citizen of these sceptred isles and say that I am free to do this, in a utilitarian way, so long as it causes no harm to others!

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Dubya watch….

I am grateful to JimFTL, who has taken to posting occasionally on my blawg, for sending me this by email this morning…

Three Brazilian Soldiers:
Donald Rumsfeld briefed the President this morning. He told Bush that three Brazilian soldiers had been killed in Iraq.
To everyone’s amazement, all the colour ran from Bush’s face, then he collapsed onto his desk, head in hands, visibly shaken, almost whimpering.
Finally, he composed himself, and asked Rumsfeld, .. “Just exactly how many is a brazillion?”

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