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Macca divorce…

While I did take the view that I would not comment on the Macca divorce – I thought you might like to read what John Bolch over at Family Lore has to say..

I simply draw your attention to: paragraph 1.3.3 of the Family Law Protocol: “It is crucial that solicitors or parties do not raise irrelevant issues nor unreasonably cause other parties or their own clients to adopt an entrenched, polarised or hostile position”? and let John Bolch pick up the story on his ‘Keeping it Civil’ post.

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Charon is alive…

Reports of Charon’s demise were premature. Here he is pictured reading a Cuban newspaper with incontrovertible proof that it is a current picture… because President Castro, who is also not dead, is, obligingly, reading the same newspaper.

The truth of the matter is that I took a bit of time off to spend with my Rioja collection at the weekend and, yesterday, found myself reading some fascinating consultation papers which I downloaded from the Law Society website on matters which I know absolutely nothing about, and deciding whether I needed to know more about these things which I know absolutely nothing about. Anyway… at least we know Castro is alive because he is reading the same newspaper.

If you have any concerns that the images above may have been manipulated in Photoshop (and quite a bit of that goes on in the news media) have a look at this

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Preaching to the perverted…

Pleased to get a mention on Preaching to the Perverted a US blog which did Blawg Review 70 – Thanks!

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