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F**K.. I must stop swearing!…

I have been known, on occasion, to swear. I have been known, on occasion, to use a particularly difficult word as an epithet when I felt it appropriate to do so. Why do people swear? Anger, frustration? or is it just because they are inarticulate?

Many years ago a co-director of mine, not known for his command of good English, came into my office and flicked on the main light switch. I do not like bright lighting and prefer to work in a Stygian gloom, with my papers illuminated by a desk light. He flicked the light switch on and off several times. He was baffled why light would not magically appear,said ‘The F***ing thing is f***ing f***ed’ and stormed off. I found this extremely amusing and, no doubt, my manic laughter did nothing to improve his mood.

Well.. if you want to stop swearing ( I am not that interested in doing so myself) – here is a self help website which will help you to stop swearing.

Still no law I’m afraid… but, be sure, I am working up to it.

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