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Here is Boris Johnson MP with his mouth opena receptacle for a foot?

Boris Johnson has excelled himself with his latest faux pax – I learn from my tabloid of choice, The Mirror.

“For 10 years we in the Tory Party have become used to Papua New Guinea-style orgies of cannibalism and chief-killing.”

Unfortunately, the Papua New Guinea government are, not surprisingly, none too happy with this slur on their country. The Mirror reports: “Diplomat Jean Kekedo said cannibalism was stamped out in her country more than 200 years ago.”

An apology was requested. The Mirror reports Boris as saying… “I’m not retracting what I said. The point I made about what happened in Papua New Guinea 200 years ago is valid. I’m apologising for the offence caused – how about that?”

The Mirror also informed me that there is an elephant in Korea which is able to talk. The elephant speaks Korean. There may yet be a position for the elephant in a future Cameron administration – perhaps as a minder for Boris?

The Mirror got fairly worked up about Boris’s faux pas. This is what “The Voice of The Mirror” had to say:

9 September 2006

BORIS Johnson, the Billy Bunter of Tory politics, should be put on a slow boat to Papua New Guinea.

If this tub of lard thinks the country is populated by cannibals, at least he’d feed a family of four for a month.

His offensive remark exposed an unpleasant side of a toff who plays the buffoon but who is not a nice chap.

He had to say sorry to the people of Liverpool over accusations they wallowed in self-pity after the beheading of Ken Bigley in Iraq.

Now he’s had to apologise for the offence caused to a whole state.

If Labour’s squabbles hand the next election to the Tories, Johnson would be in the government.

Now…you just don’t get this degree of precision in the Independent or Guardian editorials.  I do think British polictics would be less interesting without Boris.  Pity that he isn’t a Labour voter…or, come to that… a Labour MP.

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