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For Queen and country…

For some reason – perhaps it was a mild hangover – this picture amused me.  Clearly these guys have way too much time on their hands – but an interesting picture.

Smile if you what!?

A Washington merchant’s call to police Thursday did nothing to stop Jasun “Thor” Easley from standing on the sidewalk at rush hour with a sign encouraging passers-by to “smile if u masterbate. (sic)” Story

Local businessmen were none too amused by this sign.  Police were called. “The officers that were dealing with that did speak to the assistant city attorney and verified that it would not be considered a crime, and it’s a freedom of speech issue,” Police Sgt Dan Wojtech said.

I have no plans to test British freedom of speech laws myself by wondering around Chiswick with such a sign – but I wonder what the Police would do if I did?  Would I be arrested?  Would I get away with a freedom of speech defence?   I would be grateful to know – if any reader would care to comment!

NZ finds Black Cocks hard to swallow – Chinese not too keen either

Yes… believe it or not, this was an actual headline.  The story is even more bizarre. I quote: “It was a bloody silly idea in the first place, but New Zealand’s badminton world may finally have to concede that calling the national team the “Black Cocks” really is a bit too strong.”  the New Zealand Herald reports.

The report continues…“Badminton New Zealand adopted the name a year ago as “a gimmicky label to attract sponsors and fans”. It worked to a degree, because the organisation was quickly innundated with cash offers from companies such as – you guessed it – condom manufacturers.”

Well…there we are.

School’s Welsh sign angers public BBC Story

A new shared-faith school in Wrexham has had to remove a sign after it was wrongly translated into Welsh. The sign that in English read “Pupils’ and staff entrance” at St Joseph’s Catholic and Anglican School was rendered into near-gibberish in Welsh.

It included a word for staff meaning “wooden stave” rather than workers.

The report continues…“Emlyn Edwards, who works for local community-based Welsh language paper NeNe, told BBC Wales: “We’d accept this if it was an English factory doing their best to translate – we have got people who can help them. But this is the council who’ve got a translation department. It’s disgusting and scandalous.” 

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