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The Supreme Court

Couldn’t we have come up with a better name? Supreme Court – been done… the Americans have one. I quite liked the old name. What about something faux latin? Curia Brittania? Anyway…does it really matter? Here is an artist’s impression of what the new Supreme Court will look like.

You will note that the Law Lords are on the same level as the barristers – apparently a stipulation which comes from the Law Lords themselves. I think this idea is entirely laudable – and it seems, from the drawing, that those watching are raised slightly so they can get a decent view – after all, Justice must not only be done… but be seen to be done.

It also seems that there are viewing galleries above. Unfortunately, I suppose that one would not be allowed to sit up there with a relaxing glass of Rioja while watching the proceedings. Open for business in October 2009 apparently. Let us hope that complicated engineering ( Like Wembley stadium) and complex IT systems (Like the 12 billion NHS fiasco) are not involved in the conversion of The Middlesex Guildhall.

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Cool water for the designer dog in your life…

What a way to start the day… Here is a most unusual gizmo for your dog. I have always been a bit puzzled as to why dogs prefer drinking water from a lavatory – apparently it is cooler than water left out in a dog bowl. This device will give your dog a sense of well being and fresh chilled water. My advice.. buy the water without gas.. or even better use tap water

Here is the website

And…because it is an unusual day this knife rack from the same website appealed to me… I shall be buying one.

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