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The first Monday in October…

And so… another legal year begins…

Bystander JP in his Blog has an amusing story about the judges’ procession which marks the start of the legal year and, below that, a bit of history about the proceedings which mark the start of the year. You may have to scroll down to get to the story.

Follow up to the Watson Farley William’s trainee solicitor blog
RollonFriday has published a list of anonymous reports from trainees about their experiences at law firms – interesting and amusing

Meanwhile at Muttley Dastardley LLPA Cocktail Party

Thanks to an American lawyer who sent this by email “A doctor had just bought a villa on the French Riviera, when he met an old lawyer friend whom he hadn’t seen in years, and they started talking. The lawyer, as it turned out, owned a nearby villa. They discussed how they came to retire to the Riviera.



“Remember that lousy office complex I bought?” asked the lawyer, “Well, it caught fire, and I retired here with the fire insurance proceeds. What are you doing here?”

The doctor replied, “Remember that real estate I had in Mississippi? Well, the river overflowed, and here I am with the flood insurance proceeds. It’s amazing that we both ended up here in pretty much the same way.”

“It sure is,” the lawyer replied, looking puzzled, “but I’m confused about one thing – how do you start a flood?”

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The Swan, South Acton/Acton Green/Chiswick…whatever!

Charon can be quite elusive.  You may find yourself at The Swan where he goes rather too often – but he relies on a very cunning disguise when he goes out.  Charon will probably be there, but you would not know it.

Although a W4 postcode – the truth is that I live in South Acton.  Although some people I know like to think that they live in Chiswick for reasons of property prices and good old fashioned snobbery!  The Swan has a similar problem.  Is it Chiswick, South Acton or Acton Green? Frankly, for my part, it doesn’t matter.  It is but 732 paces from my house down a well trodden path from Bollo Lane, via Antrobus Road.

As I tend to spend part of my life at this pub, occasionally, it has to be said, deriving inspiration from the excellent Tempranillo fermented grape juice they provide, and an evening of discussion with Codebreaker et al – I thought it only reasonable to give a plug to this great place.

The Swan is an excellent establishment:  food good, beer good and a decent wine list at reasonable prices.  The staff are great – and very organised and laid back at the same time. Here is the review page/details 

I’m not running a competition but should you find yourself in this pub and can identify me, I’ll happily point you in the direction of some Rioja!

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CPD for solicitors and barristers….

Tired of going to expensive CPD courses…want to save money, time and energy?

The Legal Practitioner online CPD service run by SPR, who also publish Consilio, only costs you £225 + VAT for an annual subscription and you can get all your CPD done online cheaply and at times which suit you

Have a look at the CPD service: The Legal Practitioner website

Management courses online for solicitors: 15 hours CPD.

Nick Jarrett-Kerr has produced a stimulating and fascinating course dealing with management of professional service firms. 15 hours CPD for £145 + VAT / Firmwide licences £145+VAT plus £75 + VAT per user up to £1500 cap.

Understanding the professional service law firm – Finance and profitability – Building business and understanding client relationships – People management and motivation – Understanding business planning, strategy and implementation. Read about the course | Try the online demonstrator | Buy the course

I’m pleased to say that Intellectual property law guru, geeklawyer, had a reasonably favourable experience completing his own CPD using The Legal Practitioner online CPD service: He comments here.

I quote: “Geeklawyer just finished doing his CPD backlog: always a royal pain in the ass. This year it was far less hassle than the last. because I used an online CPD course provider a firm not entirely unconnected with geeklawyer blog commentator CharonQC.

What did I think of it? As I discuss in the forum: cost effective informative and as painless as possible with a few minor rough edges.”

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