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Having met a number of celebrity Chefs in my time – I am only too pleased to hear Boris Johnson having a go at one of them. I am bored with seeing Oliver, Ramsay, Ainsley, the ‘squashed beegee’, and all those other chefs who dominate our screens, spending time on TV, the newspapers and any other media which they can sprawl all over – telling us what to do. They’ll be reading the news next… or worse… offering disadvantaged daytime TV viewers loans at high prices in TV commercials. My own view is that Chefs are, and should be called, ‘Cook’..and, like Victorian children, should be seen working (in the kitchen) and not be heard’.

Delighted that Boris Johnson MP has managed to find something which our press hounds actually found interesting about the Conservative Conference. I have struggled… but I am still watching ‘WebCameron’ rather like a mongoose watches a snake… to see what ‘Dave’ does next.

According to the BBC…Mr Johnson (said): “I say let people eat what they like. Why shouldn’t they push pies through the railings?”.

(The BBC reports… “He later said he had been misquoted, adding: “What I said was `let them eat liver and bacon’.”)

Frankly... I have absolutely no interest at all in what parents feed their kids, so long as they keep them out of pubs. If parents want to see their children grow into human zeppelins… that is just fine by me. I am not standing for Parliament. I am not responsible for what parents do with their children, and I most certainly don’t want to see celebrity chefs being given any more air time on National TV. Let them go to some obscure food channel… or even better, get back into the kitchen and get on with their jobs. Ramsay with his limited vocabulary bores me. He is a one horse pony who seems to think the word ‘F*CK’ is still interesting.

Far more interesting.. . was William Hague’s response to the media storm about Boris’s remarks … “If you were to talk to Boris tonight, he’s not normal and he doesn’t pretend to be remotely normal.”

Editor’s note: William Hague, for the politically uninterested/disinterested/very young/foreign readers – was the youngest leader of the Tory Party – and now is a professional Yorkshireman, Judo specialist, rich man and shadow Foreign secretary – whatever that means.

As you might expect… despite being a Labour voter of over 30 years (Lord knows why with Blair’s present government) I find that Boris is a breath of fresh air… Maybe he could do a ‘Winston’ and cross the floor and join a party which is actually likely to govern?

Rather puts Dave’s ‘WebCameron’ in the shade. By the way… WebCameron gets even more bizarre.

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