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Silly blogger?….

I find I’m becoming addicted to WebCameron… so much so that I thought I might have to start WebCharon.

“Silly blogger’ said the headline in my tabloid of choice when I went for an espresso and a light breakfast this morning. The Mirror reports that Labour MP Sion Simon has done a pastiche of ‘WebCameron’ and posted it to YouTube. A spokesman for an ‘unamused’ Lord Protector ‘said icily’…”Maybe it would be best if backbenchers stuck to being backbenchers.” I suspect that Sion Simon MP may well find himself lurking on the back benches for ever after this parody attempt.

I have applied ‘Qua’ Charon for registration to the WebCameron website – and I have been accepted. I have not, as yet, been moved to write anything – but it is quite probable, over the weekend, that I shall do so. I find myself popping on to see what dave has to say nex… and, to my surprise, I find myself enjoying the show – a bowl of pistachio nuts, a Rioja … an espresso laid out ready and I settle down to watch.

I have been recovering from the motorbike accident of last week and feel certain that normal service will be resumed before too long when I can walk properly without looking like Quasimodo on my way to The Swan.

I am grateful to Iolis – a regular on the Consilio Discussion Board, for sending me this very amusing old Monty Python sketch… I remember seeing it when I was at school in the late 1960s… it brought back a few memories of illicit drinking and smoking.

I will return to perorations, musings and other matters on the morrow – for today… I am fairly busy with other matters.

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