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And life just gets better…

Sick of IE7 problems?  want to open 30 Microsoft sites at one go?…visit dodgy websites quickly and safely?   Well …. just get Microsoft Firefox 2007 Professional Edition.

The video is worth looking at.

Depressed after watching the English Rugby fiasco? 

Try this test out – it may improve your life… but it may also also help you to come up with a plan to pass on to the England coach to help England  win the Rugby World Cup next year.  What a shambles. A friend of mine said he couldn’t continue watching it – it was ‘an atrocity unfolding before his eyes.’

Be a World traveller with Class

You may have seen the HSBC advertisements on television which refer to different cultures – a sign in one culture considered friendly, while in another a grave insult.   Visit China and make a hit by giving a gift of a clock?  Not a great idea. Giving someone a timepiece, such as a clock or a watch, as a gift is a very unlucky faux pas. Traditional superstitions regard this as counting the seconds to the recipient’s death. In Japanese culture it is considered polite to decline a gift when it is first offered and the giver is expected to offer it multiple times.  I found this Wikipedia compilation of ‘Faux Pas’ most interesting. Always useful to know to how to irritate foreigners if the mood takes you or should it prove necessary to do so.

They tell me that Gordon Brown has purchased the new Apple Mac Intel powered computer with a special dock feature.

Geeklawyer is glad that the ultra right wing extremist British National Party (BNP) leader Nick Griffin was acquitted of charges of using words or behaviour intended to stir up racial hatred. He is of the view that only speech which incites, or is genuinely immediately likely to do so, violence & discrimination should be unlawful.

Interesting article by Geeklawyer – worth a read. 

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