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Grateful to Codebreaker, a regular contributor to the blawg and inspiration for a number of posts, for sending me this road sign picture in.

All day drinking

According to The Telegraph (20 November)
“The relaxation of Britain’s drinking laws has failed to trigger the surge in alcohol-fuelled violence and round-the-clock drunkenness that many predicted, police said yesterday.”

Catching up on legal news, I came across this story on the net. I assume that the police are pleased about this – but, the way the opening of the story read, there seemed, almost, to be a hint of disappointment. I recall the feeding frenzy in the press when these new laws came in. Pundit after pundit opined that the streets of Britain would be awash with piss artists..the streets would run with vomit etc etc. They have been proved wrong. The government said 24 hour drinks laws would not lead to problems – and, they seem to be right. The police are reporting a decline in night time alcohol related violence, according to the story in The Telegraph. Mind you, my own locals shut at 11.00 – which is probably just as well.

SPR, who publish Consilio and, it has to be said, my blawg… have Study Kits in CD format which contain 20 one hour recorded lectures, a detailed textbook, casenotes and a Q&A pack for just £42 – available from all good bookshops or Wildy’s online. If you are interested in buying a useful resource (or even if you are a practitioner and wish to ‘refresh’ your knowledge) – have a look at Consilio and LawinaBox

They are a godsend – solved all my Christmas present problems at a stroke. I’ve given my brother, Professor R D Charon, a copy of the Contract Study Kit because he does not seem to be particularly well versed in that subject, my other brother, Rick, the newsreader, gets a copy of Advocacy in a box to improve his presentational skills – and I thought I might give a friend of mine, who is a chartered accountant, the one on criminal law because his fees are certainly that.

I do hope you will enjoy the lobster competition on Consilio – free lectures, textbooks, Q&As? If you are luck enough to find the lobster.

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