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Memo to all Staff from Matt Muttley, Managing Partner

It came to my notice the other day, when I made a rare appearance in the open plan work area, that quite a few associates and administrative staff have taken to wearing burqas, skull caps, silver crosses, orange turbans, white druidic robes and various other symbols of faith. I find this pleasing. As I have no desire to see Muttley Dastardly LLP subjected to vilification by bearded Bishops a la British Airways – our official policy on the wearing of religious symbols at work is that you may do as you please and, it has to be said, I would not wish this firm to be ‘boycotted’ by the bearded Bishops. The only caveat I enter is that you are happy in your work and do the hours and that you think about the wealth of our firm and your future part in that wealth. Muttley Dastardly LLP is an equal opportunity employer with a structured and hierarchical approach to the distribution of rewards. The restriction on wearing brown suede shoes with a pinstripe suit continues in place – although senior associates may wear shooting tweeds and Plus Fours on Fridays if they so choose. That is all.

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A cunning plan…

Last night I dined with friends and it was suggested to me, by a recently retired partner at Slaughter & May who I play chess with fairly regularly, that England are merely lulling the Aussies into a false sense of security by their almost comical display of beach cricket at The Gabba. I mention my friend’s  legal pedigree simply to add weight to the seriousness of the suggestion. I was fairly well into the juice so I was more than happy to subscribe to his idea.

Watching the cricket this morning was a surreal experience. The commentators had almost given up and rambled on about almost everything other than cricket. Cut away shots to the commentary box showed Botham barely able to conceal his laughter. We really have to do better tomorrow…. if only to get some practice in.

A propos of absolutely nothing… I appear to have become addicted to liver and mash. I do have some routines.. two espressos at breakfast and two at 6.00 in the evening when I have a glass of vino. It is also true that I always have the same breakfast, if I have time to go to a cafe in the morning – and twist the plate around so the egg is placed conveniently to my right, before buttering a slice of toast. Now I find I am ordering liver and mash every evening. I shall eat this meal to death for a few weeks until I can longer cope with even the sight of it..and move on to something else. I have absolutely no idea why I feel the need to ramble on about these personal quirks today… perhaps the balance of my mind has been tipped by the cricket?

I decided, after eating my liver and mash, to visit Tim Kevan’s blog. I am glad that I did. Tim has written two rather good ‘briefs’ on Life in Chambers and The Senior Clerk – well worth a read if you are thinking about a career at the Bar or are just curious as to the ways of the Bar today. An interesting read.

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