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I’ve been at Muttley Dastardly LLP for 10 weeks..

Jamie Fettes Tonbridge writes…

“I can’t believe it is 10 weeks since I joined MD as a trainee. I’ve learnt a lot about practice in just 70 days, more than I did in four years at Uni and on the LPC. It is exciting to know that in a few years I will be jostling with the best; competing for work with insurance companies, big corporates, merchant banks and governments. Each day brings fresh challenges at MD and I really appreciate the fact that the firm looks after our welfare by providing accommodation in a hip ‘japanese style’ capsule hotel most nights of the week – saves on the housework at home! Can’t write much this week…. have a closing meeting to go to with my supervisor – who I haven’t seen much recently, as he prefers to communicate by videophone. I gather that the firm are going to ensure that we get a Christmas stocking on Christmas Eve. Apparently, it is difficult to get time off at Christmas.”


So… the Trainee blog at Watson Farley Williams is still alive and well! Excellent. Long may it continue.

I have to say, having read some of the recent entries on the Watson Farley Williams Trainee Blog, that the trainees seem to be struggling for things to write about – but, hey… I know the feeling… and I am not indentured.

I am inspired to return to the theme of that trainee blog ( although Muttley Dastardly LLP has many other matters to reflect upon) by Nick Holmes’ (Binary Law) latest analysis on the theme.

I quote:

“More than two months on, Watson Farley & Williams continue to show no remorse, persisting in publishing their so-called Trainee Law Blog, whose failings I have previously summed up. We’re now on episode 23.”

Nick, who I have had the pleasure of lunching with at The Bollo, continues with this: which caught my eye…“The most detailed critique of this “Blog Fuckwittery” was from web consultant Suw Charman in her Strange Attractor blog on Corante, who saw it as “something truly atrocious” and filed her post under the afore-mentioned category in some august company”

I got a dishonourable mention in dispatches with “Charon QC also questioned its blog credentials, seeing it nevertheless as a reasonable idea but “pregnant with the control apparatus”, and launching, in response, his own Muttley Dastardly LLP – a blog for the modern era

I can’t quote anymore for fear of nicking Nick’s excellent post… go and read it.

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Schadenfreude…it warms the heart…

I woke this morning, as usual, shortly after 3.30 am but, instead of turning my attention to emails, work or other matters, I had to watch the cricket. I shall resist commentary, save to say that England seem to be doing well. It put me in the mood to have breakfast and I purchased The Independent and my tabloid of choice – The Mirror.

The only story to catch my eye and arouse interest was a piece about a traffic warden having to give a ticket to another traffic warden.

Briefly: Warden parks ‘Parking enforcement vehicle’ in loading bay to rush off to issue more tickets. Aggrieved member of public (ex-copper), who had just been given a ticket, is outraged. Goes in search of a traffic warden and demands that he issues ticket to traffic warden who parked car in loading bay. Traffic warden is reluctant and says that he has to wait five minutes. So….five minutes elapse and warden writes out ticket and sticks it on ‘enforcement vehicle’. Excellent stuff…. and a bit of law for my blawg, to boot.

Not quite so excellent for smokers is the news that the ‘No Smoking in public places’ ban is scheduled to come into force in England on 1st July next year.

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Worried about CCTV?…

Geeklawyer has a most interesting post on his blog

Let me give you a flavour….here is Biker Geeklawyer:

“We Brits are the most surveilled nation on the planet with more cameras per square acre than everyone else put together. Geeklawyer hates that. He hates the future police plan for automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) that enables the capability that whenever he charges around on ‘The Terrible and Inexorable Wrath of God‘ he will be watched and logged and his route and dalliances recorded in the Police National Computer. Oh sure, its all for his own good, to make him safe; it helps deny the roads to criminals and terrorists – yada yada. “

Predictably, I make an absurd and mildly irresponsible response… but the cricket is about to start… and I have had a relaxing evening drinking a bottle of Rioja with some good friends at The Swan.

Here is my response:

Response to Geeklawyer post: Read the Geeklawyer Post

Without in any way wishing to suggest that bikers break the law – but… the old phrase ‘put a sock in it’ is most useful. Charon did three evenings of ‘hanging out’ late on a Friday night at Bar Italia in Soho in 1997 (in full leathers with a yellow helmet) on a Ducati 916 (Rosso) with a sock over the number plate (I hasten to add that it was not my Bike – although I did buy a Ducati 916 a year later)… and then went on a well known motorway for a quick circuit… sober… at 2.00 am…. via the M4…

No traffic…. it was interesting and exhilarating… We called it ‘making progress’ !

The Police were, of course, in bed…catching up on episodes of ‘The Bill’ on UK Gold TV

Anyway… how can the cops deal with a cartoon character?… I don’t have any DNA… and I forgot to draw fingerprints onto my fingers… ‘serendipitous’.

Mind you… ‘Old Bill’ don’t like to find bikers with socks on bike number plates… so, do bear this in mind… not one of the great ideas!

You could try this with the ‘Wrath of God’… BUT…for god’s sake… don’t even think about ‘special transparent film’ – doesn’t work… but an electronic ‘flip up rear number plate’ – activated from a button just above the front brake lever… does work. I don’t, of course, have such a device – but I know a man who does. It works. Mind you… he does the ‘Cannonball run’ down to Bol d’or (En France de Sud) most years…with 2000 Euros in his pocket to pay the fines if caught… totally irresponsible…. and I can’t remember his name.

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