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Irritate a Nanny day…

Let me make it perfectly clear that I understand the need of non-smokers not to smoke and, so far as is practicable, I have avoided smoking if non-smokers are present and object – as it happens, in pubs – this happens very rarely..not even a venomous glance!. But, in the wake of the news that we are to be banned from smoking in enclosed public spaces from 6.00 am on 1st July, it seems that banning smoking is just not enough for some political nannies.

Thank you, John ( John Bolcher: Family Lore) for your reference to The Bollo and my need to drown my sorrows from 1st July in your blog.

I read today that politicians now want to ban outside patio heaters. For some reason this story evoked feelings of irrational anger.

This is the source of the information which, today, tipped the balance of my mind. I was almost cured of the need to have liver and mash. I haven’t done any ‘liver and mash’ for 2 days.  I was off it. But after reading this, I immediately booked a table at The Bollo and, in about twenty minutes or so, I will be sitting down to a plate of liver and mash to calm me.

Smoke ban ‘threatens environment’

Having achieved their objective in banning smoking in public spaces, politicians are now finding that smokers smoking outside pubs are wrecking the environment. What is the cause of this? Is it ozone depletion caused by cigarette smoke escaping into the atmosphere? No, it appears not.

Government nanny Desmond Turner MP is quoted in the BBC story as saying: “The use of patio heaters accounts for about one million tonnes of CO2 emissions a year, which immediately cancels out, for instance, the savings made by government changes to vehicle taxations.”

But what really caught my eye was this – again from the BBC. Ealing’s Stephen Pound MP, made a visit to Ireland where a smoking ban is in force. He found that pub gardens were ‘covered’ in patio heaters.

I quote:

“What an extraordinary sight greeted me when, with a number of my Parliamentary colleagues and several members of the Dail, I visited a number of pubs to find that all of them fell into one or other of two categories.

“Either the entire perimeter area was covered with patio heaters and armchairs so that anybody who wanted to go into the admittedly smoke-free pub had to fight their way through a tangible fug of nicotine-soaked air to get into the damned place in the first place, which makes something of a nonsense of it,” said Mr Pound, who has vowed to give up smoking following the ban vote.

Predictably… chief nanny for the Lib-Dems, Norman Baker, (Don’t they have anyone else who can speak to the press?) tells us that patio heaters are a waste of resources and that smokers should get another jumper and enjoy the bracing air. Guido Fawkes…where are you when we need you?

Apparently Norman Baker likes to interfere in people’s lives in person, rather than indirectly in parliament. I quote: “If I see patio heaters I try to make the point in a barbed comment to the person using it.”

By the way – here is Norman Baker’s web page.

Anyway… I am off to the Bollo now with my laptop to eat some liver and mash…again – just because I can.

EDIT.. I have now had my liver and mash. It was excellent.

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First day cover…

It is..or was, the 1st December

It would be enough to ruin your Christmas to get a card with a stamp which had Charon on it… there are limits.

But… I had to find an appropriate picture for this, the first day of December, in a year which I shall be glad to see the back of. It does not matter why I found 2006 so bad. I am an optimist – 007 will be a better year. I am in my Staterooms in West London. I have enjoyed a few glasses of Rosso and I am waiting for the cricket to begin.

So… We all have bad days… but this window cleaner had a spectacularly bad day.

This film is worth seeing. Click here

And then….. I found this: “When his 38-caliber revolver failed to fire at its intended victim during a hold-up in Long Beach, California, would be robber James Elliot did something that can only inspire wonder: He peered down the barrel and tried the trigger again. This time it worked.”

And… on that note, I retire to watch the Cricket… Will Collingwood get his maiden test century in Australia? Will England do their duty? We shall know the answer tomorrow morning. I will know it as the story unfolds.

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