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Police have voiced concerns that stretch limos are dangerous, that passengers could be ‘spilled out onto the road’ and that they are often driven by ‘unsavoury characters’. This comes from a story in The Independent and has two merits: it is a strange story and has a bit of law in it.

The Independent reports: “Chief Supt Geraint Anwel told the BBC: “Our concerns are that with every passing day the possibility of these vehicles falling apart increases significantly. We have seen, on a number off occasions, some pretty unsavoury people driving or inside these vehicles. It won’t be long before we see the contents of these vehicles being spilt out on to one of our roads.”

I have, as it happens, been in several stretch limos in my time. A few years ago (I think I was into ‘Argento’ an Argentinian Malbec in those days – it was the last century.) I hired a white limo to take me and a friend around London. I told the driver that we were from the country and wanted to see London. It was an enjoyable experience. We had champagne (which I rarely drink) and, of course, vino rosso. We had Silk Cut and Marlboro cigarettes and some nuts. We drove around. It was clear that the driver (who, as it also happens, looked like a bank robber) knew very little about London. He told us that Nelson’s column commemorated the Battle of Waterloo, incorrectly identified The Royal Courts of Justice as The Old Bailey and drove very badly. In fact, he had great difficulty turning some corners and nearly knocked a cyclist off her bike.

The smoked glass windows gave us a degree of anonymity , which is probably just as well when we were driving down Fleet Street and Chancery Lane (Although friends in the law would not have been unduly suprised to see me in the back of a limo getting over refreshed.) We had a number of people flicking ‘V’ signs at us and, inevitably, tourists trying to peer in though the blackened windows. They were a bit surprised when I wound the window down and asked them where they were from. (America). I offered them some wine and asked if they would like some nuts. They did. We were crawling through traffic in The West End so, obligingly, they walked alongside as they drank their wine; until I came up with the bright idea that they should join us. They were going to a theatre down towards Covent Garden – so we gave them a lift. I think we may have puzzled them. We were fairly over refreshed. The small pleasures in life?
I can recommend a limousine ride to you – for a quick tour of London.

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Dr Jim Golby is the head of research in sport and exercise at Teesside University in Middlesbrough and a National Cricket Association coach and former Bradford League cricketer, but even he sounded in need of some therapy when he said: “The result upset me so much that I wasn’t able to watch the highlights. I’m a proud Englishman and I find it very depressing.” I quote from a most interesting article in the Guardian

“Australia have a winning society. They look for winners and laud them. We’re not so bothered. It’s as if we’re saying, it’s our game, we invented it and that allows us to be crap at it if we want to be!”

I don’t want to dwell on the horror story of The Gabba or the absurdity of declaring at 550+ at Adelaide and then losing – but Dr Golby has a point. As in life… there isn’t much point in doing something unless one is committed.  If you are interested in looking at some very useful material on service to clients – no better place than Dan Hull’s ‘What About Clients Blog’

And if you are interested in developing your ability to write well as a lawyer – Dan has provided a link to The Estrin Report which, in turn, links to some useful material. A ‘well worth look at’ for law students (and practitioners.)

Good God… I’m turning into a vicar… here endeth the first lesson!

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