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Caption competition 4…

General Pinochet is a ‘goner’…

While I was tempted to use the first line of Gerald Manley Hopkins’ well known poem “MÁRGARÉT, áre you gríeving Over Goldengrove unleaving? “ as the caption, I thought this might be a bit obscure. (I was force fed his poems at school) I decided on the effort to the left.

As before – the winner wins a set of 20 one hour recorded lectures from Contract, Criminal, Constitutional, Tort, Land, Equity or EU as a prize.

An amazing gesture

I am delighted to inform you that John Cronin, winner of Caption Competition 2, has asked me to donate it to a more ‘deserving cause’ who will benefit from the lectures. John moved to the States some time back, enjoys popping onto the blawg from time to time to remind himself of ‘good ole blighty’ and feels that another might benefit more from the lectures. This was a very kind gesture.

So… the first person to post, in the comments section below, the answer to this question wins the lectures.

The question is this: What is the only anagram of the the word DISHONEST?

Winner of Caption Competition 3

” Look God, if my skills as a PR consultant can perform miracles selling the Conservative Party to an disbelieving electorate than I can certainly perform miracles by promoting yours to the Muslims, atheists and agnostics but we are talking serious money here, well beyond a mere five-figures!”

James Lawson

Honourable mention

“And IIIIIII-e-IIIIIII will always love you”

Mark Healing

As ever… my decision is final. Does not matter if the wicket has got nothing in it for spin bowlers.. I am the umpire. No hawkeye here.

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