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Make a dream come true?….

How would you like to make a dream come true for children who are suffering a serious illness or who are terminally ill?

While I am not an employment lawyer, I do read Daniel Barnett’s excellent Employment newsletter which is free. Daniel Barnett, 1 Temple Gardens, is well known in employment law circles and has come up with a wonderful idea to ask his newswire readers to consider contributing to a Charity using ‘Just giving’, an online based vehicle for donating to charities. He has chosen ‘Dreams Come True’.

He is asking (there is absolutely no obligation) his readers to contribute just £5. If all his readers contribute they will raise £75,000 for this charity. His subscribers have raised nine grand so far which is a fair start. The page closes at the end of January.

I don’t have children and while I do not want babies or the very young screaming in pubs on a Sunday (which they did at The Bollo last Sunday), I think everyone should have a happy childhood –  so I would like to invite you and Consilio readers to make a child’s dream come true. If you would like to donate – you may do so on Daniel’s ‘Dreams come true’ page

I think Daniel’s idea is great. Make a dream come true if you can…

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