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The Winner of the Christmas Caption Competiton is….

There were a good many responses – the usual high quality – but, as always, there has to be only one winner (It was the Haliburton bit which caught my fancy! Surreal)

“Whats next? George and I intend to be married and sit on the board of Haliburton.

Comment by John — Tuesday, December 19, 2006″

Lunch – a brief affair but the Liver and Mash is back. Not much in the tabloids – but I did come across this from Sun columnist ‘The Whip’:

“Two sales assistants in one of the Ottakers bookshops were overheard talking about the window display: “Put the two Trollopes in the window.” “The two Trollopes?” “Yes – Joanna and Jordan.”

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Pleased to get a mention…

Always pleasing to get a mention on blogs or blog reviews. I appear to have popped up on the latest Blawg Review 89 as a mention for lawyers in the UK with a sense of humour – thanks to Justin Patten at Human law who has just won the Best British Law Blog award – well done, Justin. No chance of Charon winning that – as I don’t appear to have much law in my blawg!

While we are at it – Geeklawyer is interested in organising a conference for British Law bloggers – which is a good idea. Happy to help where I can – if only to hand the biscuits around!

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