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Caption Competition January 007

Yes… I know you might groan – but I thought these Bee Gees lyrics were most appropriate.

Have a go at the latest caption competiton. The Prize: A very good bottle of Rioja… which I’ll send to you – so you can drink Rioja while reading my blawg and see how many typos you can find.

UK residents only – can’t encourage people from non binge drinking cultures to follow our ways – actually, more a matter of logistics.

Non UK Residents – I’ll give you something from LAWinaBOX – a set of lectures or a full Study pack from our range: LAWinaBOX

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Some (many) years ago I dabbled with Kendo and enjoyed it. I was reasonably proficient. The then Mrs C was not, however, too enamoured of my habit of slicing pineapples or apples with a Samurai sword at dinner parties and was appalled when a friend of mine threw a pineapple into the air. I hit the pineapple with the sword – it was, unfortunately, not a clean cut and pineapple and juice went everywhere. I was younger then. I don’t do these things any more.

However… I have opened a bottle of champagne with a sword – here is how to perform The Noble Art of Sabrage

I do think lawyers should have a few unusual skills up their sleeves – if only to entertain the instructing solicitor at ‘difficult moments.’ I take no responsibility whatsoever if you are inspired to buy a sword and try this at home.

I did like the writer’s caveat:

Caveat: Based on my experiences, some bottles don’t sabrage as well as others. For example, Chandon (CA brand) has been a disaster…the glass is too fine. Also, the Roederer Estate brands don’t sabrage well. And avoid brands with “plastic” corks, whenever possible, although I have sabraged many and they work. Korbel and all brands of French Champagne work very well (thicker glass) as does Methode Champenoise types like Asti Spumante, Cava, etc.

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Lights…camera… action!….

Trial by television “was back in the news this week when the new chairman of the Bar told the Today programme that journalists covering cases like the recent murders of five women in Ipswich should exercise “some kind of restraint” when writing about suspects.” The Telegraph

But…as The Telegraph reports:

Geoffrey Vos, QC, is much more interested in trial by telephone. It was an interesting story and Vos is not advocating that entire trials should be done over the phone – just brief hearings merely to confirm that a case is ready for trial or to agree an adjournment.

“It’s astonishing to me that two barristers and a judge can’t get on the telephone to resolve a simple issue rather than everybody trotting out to Hemel Hempstead or Chester or wherever to have a hearing,” Vos tells the Telegraph reporter.

The detail is in the story – but I particularly liked his comment on advocacy and presenting a case… “Having been doing this for many years, my experience leads me to believe this is quite simple,” he says with a wry smile. “You normally start at the beginning, go through to the middle and end at the end.”

Worth reading the full story for his comments on advocacy.

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