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Nearly legal…

I have just spent an interesting fifteen minutes looking at Nearly Legal’s blog – prompted by the fact that he (or someone coming via his blog) appears to have glanced at my blog in the dark hours of this, the morn of Sunday 14th January. (Blog stats)

He has two interesting posts: 1. Au Rebours – his response to being tagged by Geeklawyer on the meme (See below) and, 2. Blawgs, hurgh, what are they good for? which I particularly enjoyed. NearlyLegal considers a range of points in relation to blogging, why bloggers blog and reflects on the value of blogs.

Blogging amuses me, keeps me sane and, given that my blog will not be used as a source for those interested in scholarly legal analysis (although I am prepared to write on legal issues here which interest me) I hope my musings, ephemera and nonsense gives brief respite, for those who visit, from the rigours of the day and the law. Writing this blog also, on a Saturday night, has a remarkable effect of ensuring that I am rehydrated and vaguely sober by the time I hit my futon – although, occasionally, I may continue to sip reflectively from a glass filled with Rioja as I write.

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