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Celebrity Bigot Brother…

It is extraordinary that Gordon Brown, on an important trade delegation to India, is being asked ‘repeatedly’ about the racism and bullying of Bollywood actress Shilpa Shetty by Jade, Danielle and Jo who have ganged up on her.

The BBC carries the Story about questions in the House (Commons not the Big Brother House), Blair’s response and Gordon Brown’s problems with this here

I have seen the programme. I watched with mounting anger and distaste at Jade’s Mother refusing to address Shilpa by her name and referring to her as ‘the Indian’. I watched with disbelief, the behaviour of the three women and heard their nasty and unpleasant comments about her and, frankly, find it difficult to believe that these young women could hold racist attitudes towards the actress and effectively behave like playground bullies in real life, let alone on television. Big Brother may well be enjoying the ratings, the spectcular coverage. Keith Vaz MP is right to bring it up in the House. We should not tolerate this type of behaviour in Britain and, for my part, it is time for the producers of Big Brother to do something about it. I gather that some of Jade Goody’s sponsors are now considering withdrawing sponsorship. I hope they follow through.

Here is a website which picks up on all Big Brother news.

Breaking News!!

Doyen of UK legal blogging, Nick Holmes (Binary Law), has set up a Shilpa Shetty website as an act of selfless tribute which deserves my admiration. Here is the link to the post on Binary Law and, from thence (How often do you see old English used in this way?), to “Shilpa – The Tribute blog’

I have, of course, had to give a brief comment on this initiative! (which you may view, if you have too muh time on your hands, on the Binary Law blog.

More interesting is the fact that Nick Holmes watches Big Brother (or is aware of/or has been briefed/ or who has recently become aware of – from News reports) [That should take care of the legals?]

I have no difficulty in admitting that I have watched this programme – I do so as an act of research and for professional purposes only – naturally.

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