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On the assumption that Jade will be evicted from The Big Brother house tonight – television and the jackals of the fourth estate will be waiting, pens poised, to pass judgment on her ‘sins’ while in the house.

I lay in bed watching Question Time last night and listened as various politicians droned on about Big Brother. Edwina Currie, who made a complete arse of herself in Hell’s Kitchen, led the charge, relying on her considerable experience of reality television and public ridicule following the revelation of her affair with John Major. Frankly, the only person who made any sense at all to me was Shami Chakrabarti of Liberty, who expressed herself rationally and hoped that Jade would not face a witch hunt. I accept that I am prejudiced. I think she does a good job and is usually worth listening to on human rights issues.

So.. Channel 4 have cancelled the post-eviction ‘yob-mob’ and the evictee will be escorted by executives to the studio. If it is Jade, The Guardian tells us, she will be debriefed and given time to ‘come to terms’ with what she has done before facing the Press (who will be given the opportunity to bid for interviews ‘at a later date.’) It will be interesting to see how Jade – not gifted with the best of brain nor education – will cope with the fact that her behaviour has sparked questions in the House of Commons, resulted in an official protest from the Indian government, caused both the PM and The Chancellor to comment and is likely to result in her losing her entire career. Various shops have already withdrawn her perfume. Police have arranged a ‘safe house’. When Jade arrived in the House she declared that she was the”25th most influential person in the world” – she is probably, now, at least the 25th well known person in the world – for now – The People’s muppet. I fear that the tabloids will rip her to bits… but, of course, they have a ‘duty of care’ to their readers.

I still have no telephone nor internet connection after the storm. Thankfully, The Bollo has Wifi. We must overcome adversity!

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