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Rioja is good for you…

Rioja has done well for me… in fact, most reds have done me a bit of good and I am pleased to report that Corney & Barrow are going to be sponsoring the blawg for a while – in the sense that they will provide winners of my caption competitions with the odd bottle of red or white. I rather liked the idea of Corney & Barrow doing this – so I rang up their marketing team, spoke to a delightful woman who came back to me very quickly with a ‘Yes.’ If you like wine and fancy buying a few bottles from Corney & Barrow, they have a wide and interesting selection – and… you won’t find their wines at your local supermarket. I used to go to their shop in Notting Hill when I lived there in in 2000/01 – always given good advice – always had good wine available.

Their website is well laid out and informative. They even have wine Bars in the City (Fleet Street denizens may like a quick trip to 3 Fleet Place

I am actually delighted that they want to provide the odd bottle for our occasional competitions and it  is entirely in keeping with the ethos of this blawg that wine should be a prize.

Talking of England: They won a rugby match and a cricket match. This – despite my Scots ancestry – is good news!

Update: I have just had a good look at the Corney & Barrow info on Bars… and I find that they have a very innovative service. It is possible to buy drinks vouchers by text and send a wine / drinks voucher to a friend to their mobile phone. I rather liked that! : Have a look

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