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0800 Hours : Matt Muttley’s office

Eva Braun walked into the managing partner’s office at 0800 hrs this morning with a single sheaf of A4 paper. Typed on the paper – the details of a new trainee blog launched by Winkworth Sherwood, Solicitors and Parliamentary Agents.

Matt Muttley was riding an exercise bicycle and talking to a US lawyer on the telephone. He looked up and, turning back to his call, said “Dude… I’m going to have to call you back. Eva has just come into my office. It must be important. Ciao…”


“I’ve been on Binary Law. Another law firm has launched a trainee blog.” Eva replied… helping herself to some grapes which were arranged in a Claris Cliff bowl which Matt Muttley had bought at auction after watching “Flog it” at 3.45, on BBC 2, the previous week.

“Jesus… no kidding.” Matt always spoke like an american lawyer after taking a call from the States. “A Turkey?”

Eva smiled. “I read it…usual stuff…how pleased the trainees are to be working for the law firm…blah blah blah.”

“Vetted?” Muttley snapped, his eyes narrowing.

“Probably… ” Eva replied

“Any info on the firm we can use…mention of clients?…type of work?..any bright trainees we can have a look at?….What does Nick Holmes think?”

Eva glanced at the piece of paper in her right hand.

“I have a quote from Binary Law: “It is, frankly, embarrassing that well-paid marketing people should suggest to the firm that such a page be called a blog; it is even more embarrassing that the firm should go along with this.” – Nothing else of any value to us, Matt.”

Eva laughed and said that LawCareers.net  had described the blog as ‘Voguish”

“Good stuff…OK…keep me briefed… Now… have you circulated our policy position paper to partners on the new rules on paying barrister fees on time or at all? We have to get this right…. detailed contracts, quality control, right of access to chambers to inspect work in progress, full background vetting on contracted counsel etc etc…. and have you found out anything about that enterprising Indian company which is providing research and paperwork drafting at low prices?”

“All done..Matt.”

“LawCareers?…who they? Do we need to know them?”


Voguish: vogu·ish [voh-gish]
1. being in vogue; fashionable; chic.
2. briefly popular or fashionable; faddish

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