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“More than an occupational blog, charonqc.wordpress.com shows admirable distaste for writing about the workaday nuts and bolts of life as a lawyer. This rioja-loving “blawger” provides crisply commentary and dry wit about life and pressing news in general. Whether declaiming on liver and mash, Asbos or David Cameron, he is never less than compelling.”

Many thanks… TimesOnline.

I’ll be watching my typos (and content?) on my late Friday night Rioja inspired blogs!

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Friday review…

While ‘Master’ criminals may well be blessed with brains and a high IQ: others at the bottom of the criminal food chain are not so blessed. This from The Mirror today :

“TWO suspected burglars were caught – after police tracked their footprints in a fresh fall of snow. Officers arrived promptly when a couple found their home being burgled and followed the footprints leading to a nearby house in Chippenham, Wilts. The prints became two cycle tracks which the police trailed until they found one of the bikes dumped – and two men hiding.”

A BRITISH man is to crawl on his hands and knees round New York wearing a George Bush mask and a sign saying “kick my ass” on his bottom. Mark McGowan is protesting against the US president and wants Americans to kick him. Apparently he will have a pillow stuffed down his trousers. [He has also pushed a monkey nut to Downing Street with his nose and has eaten a roasted swan.]

So what is going on in the world of law blogs?

Geeklawyer : Prolific ranter, Geeklawyer, covers a multitude of sins this week: Trials, Valentine’s Day … easier for you to go and have a look. The comments are also worth looking at. Ignore my claims to have played for ‘Real Madrid’ 30 years ago – preposterous; but enirely in keeping with Geeklawyer’s comments area.

Legal Scribbles and Quibbles: Has an interesting view on The Verdict (BBC2) and an interesting analysis of the legality of having sex on a plane a mile high above the ground.

Human Law: Justin Patten is always worth reading for more serious analysis (This week: Mediation) – and he has some useful material on sensible blogging.

Binary Law: Nick Holmes tends to focus on serious topical issues – the post of ‘Illegal Google’ was particularly interesting.

The Barrister Blog: Tim Kevan’s blog is always worth a look for more serious content – but he is also a surfing fanatic (Surfing on the sea)

Nearly Legal: Has a go at the re-design of The Times website and looks at the way things are falling apart in legal aid and court administration…
Pupil blog: Continues to grind away at the coal face…. “Oh no! No, no, no! Jesus Christ, f**k! F**k!’ will give you a taste of his latest posts.

Lo-fi Librarian: Lo-fi is becoming more prolific…. some very useful stuff here! Enjoyed the ‘sock-puppet’ post.

The Magistrate’s Blog: Although I know little about Criminal law and have no plans to become a criminal, I tend to visit this website most days – interesting analysis on the state of the law at the sharp end.

Family Lore: John Bolch has picked up on a tale of bad temper costing a great deal of money!

What about clients: Dan seems to have a look at Charon on Saturdays. I take that as a compliment!. This week Dan has a look at law firm differentiation, the weather report in Paris and what he plans to do when he goes to Paris in March (which I did pick up earlier in the week – infra.) You will also find Dan lurking in Geeklawyer’s comments sections. He likes hats.

Forgive me if I have not picked up on your own blog this week – I will do – but, I have run out of time this day.

I have decided to have another go at a Podcast…. listen to my first one? Ideas for topics gratefully received. I am interviewing Justin Patten on Monday 26/2 for inclusion in a future (slightly longer) podcast.

BTW… in case you doubt (after listening to the podcast) that I have a newsreader brother: Here he is – reading the news in full colour

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