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Barrister ‘A’: 2020 Vision…

The Diary of Barrister ‘A’: Tuesday 6th March 07

An honest tale speeds best, being plainly told.
Richard III, 4. 4

So one moment the A-G is gagging the BBC and sundry newspapers, then there appears to be a relaxation, then there appears to be no objection by the A-G and we learn from the BBC website … and I quote: “No 10 aide Ruth Turner was concerned a version of events put to her by Lord Levy was untrue, the BBC has learned in new cash for honours developments.” The focus seems to have switched from (1) Did anyone sell honours? to (2) Is there a cover-up. The BBC reports: “Neil O’May, from Lord Levy’s solicitors Bindman & Partners, said he “categorically denies any wrong-doing whatsoever”. The investigation drags on.

It did not surprise me to find comment that Blair is becoming ‘delusional’. Frankly the dying days of The Blair Protectorate are reminiscent of Kurosawa’s King Lear variant ‘Ran’. But who is lurking in the shadows? Who will take the crown?

Charles Clarke and Alan Millburn have set up The 2020 Vision – a forum for considered, reflective debate or, as some allege, a vehicle to get Brown. There is not much on it – apart from Tony (‘Baldrick’) Robinson setting the scene “Isn’t it worth suspending our scepticism for a few moments and joining in the debate proposed by Charles and Alan, particularly as the Tories’ current success in the opinion polls has coincided with their acknowledgement that party orthodoxy doesn’t necessarily have a monopoly on wisdom?”

I’m not sure we really want Brown, the ‘wuthering height?”

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Today, for my Podcast No. 3, I interviewed Tim Kevan, 1 Temple Gardens – who also manages to find time to write sensible books, blog and surf.

Apart from the usual questions about blogging the ‘Why’ and the rest… I asked him about surfing, whether he drinks Guinness and ended with a quick review of the week just gone by as I think I saw it. Barrister Blog

Here is Podcast Number 3: Tim Kevan

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