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Comic opera to open in London?….

The Modern Attorney-General

“I am the very model of a modern Attorney-General,
I’ve information political, immoral, and analytical,
I know the judges of England, and I quote the laws historical
From Domesday to Archibold, in order categorical;
I’m very well acquainted, too, with matters apolitical,
I understand donations, both the simple and problematical,
About restraining injuctions, I’m teeming with a lot o’ news,
With many cheerful facts about who is going to lose.”

With sincere apologies to Gilbert & Sullivan.

As I died yesterday (infra) it was quite difficult to get back to blogging within the government approved timescale for political resurrection, so you will have to forgive my butchery of Gilbert & Sullivan and the fact that I leave it to others, who actually know what they are doing, to comment on recent events in matters of gagging injunctions, the future of the office of Attorney-General et al. Head of Legal has a pithy take on the issue and also here.


So what has everyone else been up to?

First a very quick blog round-up: Geeklawyer: Nothing. He is skiing and amusing himself out of the country. Tim Kevan, Barrister Blog, did a podcast interview with me – and made some very useful points. Legal Beagle gives robust advice on pupillage. Pupilblog paints a picture of The Master. Nearly Legal gives an insight into daily practice. Justin Patten, Human Law provides a link to the ‘Work Life balance’ issue – should you wish to have such balance in your life. Legal Scribbles worries about ‘Lifers’ and has a look at what Boris Johnson has to say about the future of British universities.

John Bolch, Family Lore, has a rant about people who talk about ‘Registry’ offices when it should be ‘Register’ offices. Quite right. (John – thanks for the Obituary. Excellent black rim to my pic – very tasteful. I am, unfortunately, risen. Hades was most interesting. John – in response to your reponse to my comment on your post – No… not suggesting that you are getting ‘old’…just getting ‘wiser’ !

Had an interesting lunch on Friday with Nick Holmes, Binary Law – wide ranging discussion and, of course, I had to join him in a glass or two of Rioja. (Thanks Nick – next, on me)

And, finally…. Dan Hull, What about Clients? is due in London from The United States this week. I will be doing a podcast interview with him at his hotel.

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