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I have come to the conclusion that the morning light of Spring, cash for honours, war, and many other matters have caused a degree of ‘angst’ in the legal blogging community. Why do we blog? What is a law blog? Why did I decide to have let Nietzsche back into my mind and allow Charon to die in a nihilistic moment? See: Corporate Blawg for a most interesting analysis of ” The Why”.

I know why I blog…have been writing for many years (albeit not with blog software) but I also accept that I have no idea, whatsoever, to what purpose. Does it matter?

Today, I decided it was time to interview a friend of mine who is writing a book about the loss of virginity. It has absolutely nothing to do with law – although, I appear, in the interview, to refer to ‘virginity law’ rather than ‘viginity loss’. Could be the rioja which I had consumed shortly before hitting the ‘record’ button.

Kate Monroe, author and researcher, is writing a book on the loss of virginity. I interviewed her to see what she had to say. If you would like to participate in this fascinating project and be an ‘anonymous’ contributor – do get in touch with her by emailing her: katemonroe@yahoo.com. She has a blog and here is:

Podcast4: Virginity, we all lose it


The Painting is by Gauguin: the Loss of Viginity

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Law student revision…

It is rare for me to promote Consilio on the blawg – but, given that quite a few law students and others pop in here, I would like to draw attention to the re-vamp of the free magazine Consilio which has quite a few useful articles and features written by LAWinaBOX and Consilio writers and also has law reports, legal round ups and daily news which makes it a useful online resource. Practitioners may also find Consilio useful – please have a look.

Consilio are also running a revision course for law students in April and May. The deadline to take advantage of the discounted rate is Thursday 15th March. The revision course is very useful for GDL and LLB students. Details may be found here

This is what one student at BPP thought about the course: “Never have I learned so much in such a short space of time – I feel I gleaned a real understanding of the topics covered,an impressive number in the available time, as well as invaluable exam focus. For the first time I actually feel I know what examiners are looking for. The latest case briefings were invaluable & the course materials were of such quality & explanatory in nature that I (unusually for me) continue to retain the information.” Tara McHale, GDL, BPP Law School

Other students were also enthusiastic about the course which helped them to use the knowledge and focus on the exam.

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Something for the weekend, Sir?…

For the serious wine drinker

I receive quite a few emails during the course of the day.  One, this morning, amused – a link to a new service:  I quote from the Guardian report:

“They could be the answer to the summer festival dilemma for non-beer drinkers and solve the problem of what to do when you forget the corkscrew: ready-filled plastic glasses of wine. Originally designed for caterers who serve wine at outdoor events, the pre-filled foil sealed glasses of wine are to go on sale this summer. The glasses, called the Tulipa, will cut service time and breakages, according to Al Fresco Wines which created them. Each Tulipa is filled with wine in the UK and then sealed with foil to keep the drink fresh.”

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