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Just a few things and thoughts…

An amusing story from The Water Cooler in The Times today about a reception held at Inner Temple to mark the 45 year old career of Sir Ivan Lawrence QC. A judge remarking of his career as a Recorder: “Justice had not only to be done and seen to be done — in Sir Ivan’s court it had to be seen to be believed.”

Another…the rather better known story: I quote from the piece in The Water Cooler:

“Sir Ivan also recalled Judge Maude sentencing two homosexuals for an act of gross indecency. “It is not so much the enormity of the crime itself that appals one,” he said, “it is the fact that you chose to do it under one of London’s most beautiful bridges.”

Attitudes and times have changed…

Francis Gibb reports in The Times: “Women subjected to sexual humiliation or harassment by the public in course of their jobs won the right to claim against their employers in a massive extension of the law yesterday.”

And now, having dealt with ‘things’ to deal with ‘thoughts’…

After experimenting, conceptually, with my own existence (I am, of course, a figment of imagination) I found a website dealing with the 30 Strangest deaths in history.

As I read through the website I became more interested. Worth a read – if only to provide content for your next outing to a Law Society or Bar Council function when the conversation runs dry. Rasputin had to be shot, then shot again three more times, then clubbed and, finally, thrown in the icy Neva River.

The one I enjoyed most…

Death by Embracing the Reflection of the Moon

Chinese poet Li Po (701-706) is regarded as one of the two greatest poets in China’s literary history. He was well known for his love of liquor and often spouted his greatest poems while drunk. One night, Li Po fell from his boat and drowned in the Yangtze River while trying to embrace the reflection of the moon in the water.

I have never felt the need to embrace the reflection of the moon while over-refreshed. But…rather better a way to go than many, I suspect.

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Well.. that has taken care of lunch…. back to the day job.

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