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Today I met Dan Hull, a practising US lawyer, partner at Hull McGuire PC, Attorneys and author of the What About Clients? blog. I interviewed him for Podcast No 5.

Dan’s blog is a mine of information about legal practice in the States, service issues and an eclectic mix of thoughts and ideas. I asked him about why he blogs, the difference between the approach taken by US and UK law blogs, and what makes a good lawyer. Inevitably, I also had to ask about his interest in ‘hats’ as raised, late at night, on Geeklawyer’s blog.

It was an enjoyable trip for me out of West London and, as I left, Dan presented me with a bottle of Rioja!

Podcast Number 5: Dan Hull, US Lawyer and author of the What about Clients? blog

POSTSCRIPT:  Justin Patten, Human Law,  was kind enough to do a quick review of the podcasts.

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