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A hard day…a foreboding of doom?

I had a frustrating day today – So… I am at The Bollo with my laptop, Rioja at hand, to blog about nothing of any importance whatsoever. It is, of course, The Ides of March – and Caesar was assassinated on that day in 44 BC.

You may have heard the ASDA telephone call prank. You may not find it funny – but, in my present mood, I found it absurdly funny: Listen

“ButchCameron” moves to the left

It is pleasing to read political analysis in the tabloids. Today’s big story was about Cameron’s move to the left. The Mirror reports: “DAVID Cameron has switched decisively to the left as leader of the Tory parting. Yesterday he sported a new hairstyle in a desperate bid to appear a cut above the rest – going from a “feminine” right parting to a more “masculine” left parting. But it is more likely going to be his parting shot.”

Dear god… no wonder hardly anyone votes in this country if this is the level of coverage by a political commentator. Mind you, WebCameron does look a bit more ‘butch’… it has to be said. A touch of ‘Reservoir Dogs’? Quiffless and, of course, these days… spliffless.

So… Blue Peter caught faking a phone-in competition. Who would have thought it? My childhood memories, destroyed with one callous deceit. Quite fancied Val Singleton when I was 10, which didn’t impress my Mother one bit…. “stick to building absurd crap with bits of sticky back plastic, Charon. See if you can make something with our empties and take that absurd horsehair wig off your head. It will make you go bald.” she used to shout from her poker game, hosted in her own private Manhattan style cocktail bar off the main drawing room.

Surprise surprise… Olympic budget has quadrupled Tessa Jowell has told MPs. I’m not a fan of watching people sprinting 100 metres in tight lycra – although it is more interesting if they have taken performance enhancing substances. (I would watch some drug enhanced monster jump 30ft into the air in the high jump or do 100 metres in 4 seconds.) Nor do I care that much about rowing these days. Motorboats are far more practical. I accept that I am biased, but I don’t see why we should burden taxpayers to fund the Olympics or reduce the amounts given to more worthy causes because the Olympics are going to drain £1 in £5 from lottery receipts. I would rather see money spent on developing team games – perhaps even to develop young British talent for football? – or, just a thought, to equip our armed forces properly, so they can do the job properly without having to buy decent kit off Ebay.. . BBC story

I’ve decided to do podcasts on a fairly regular basis and develop the concept by interviewing lawyers, academics, politicians and…who knows… even a few people who know absolutely nothing about law. All ideas for themes, potential interviewees etc, gratefully accepted. I am also planning to put together a half hour podradio programme… a mix of comment, interviews, guests, music (subject to PRS costs) … perhaps? I may even do a phone-in (No prizes though!) What about a round table discussion… recorded as it happens – bit of wine, late night jazz music…and weird conversation? It is a thought. What do you think?

POSTSCRIPT… The Ides of March are often referred to as a foreboding of doom. Today, Geeklawyer’s website went down. I cannot believe that The Chinese finally found his blog? Geeklawyer has a temporary blog which will disappear when… and I quote his own words…“he stops arsing around.”

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