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What a piece of work is man!…

“ We’ll know we’ve made it when there are mediocre women in senior positions, as God knows there are enough mediocre men there.”

Mrs Justice Dobbs speaking at the Association of Women Solicitors conference

I enjoyed reading this speech… robust and to the point. I quote: “I am but .6 or.8% of the senior judiciary, I can’t even manage a whole percentage point. As senior judge for diversity, that is an issue, which is high on my agenda and to which I will return.”

John Malpas, Editor, Legal Week suggests that diversity is as elusive as ever. I quote from his blog: “A senior female QC confided to me the other day that she did not believe she could have achieved the equivalent status she now enjoyed – as well as having a family – if she had been a solicitor.” Read the rest

Kaplan LPC marketing blitz sidelines Nottingham
An article in Legal Week seems to suggest that Kaplan are sidelining Nottingham Law School in their marketing. This came as a bit of a surprise to the Editors of Consilio. Kaplan has just started advertising Nottingham-Kaplan on the Consilio website and, having spoken to both David Napier (Kaplan) and Phill Knott (Nottingham Law School) in recent weeks – they both seemed very enthusiastic about the joint venture.

In defence of BPP; the article suggests that Nottingham have been down this route before with BPP splitting off some years ago. This was always part of the arrangement between BPP and Nottingham – from my recollection of events.

I was having lunch, blogging on Wifi at The Bollo as I took a lunch break, when I received an email from Sean Hocking of PracticeSource.com and Tablawoid.

Dear Charon

Why is charon gone ? I was just about to email you last week and
congratulate you on the great podcasts.. Which sound better poduced than
radio 4

We’re sad

Best Sean

I was able to reply that I am ‘resurrected’, very much alive and blogging… and will be doing more podcasts tomorrow – one with The Bollo Manager, the other with a barrister friend of mine who also sits as an Immigration Judge.

Clearly, I shall have to be more careful if I decide to have another ‘conceptual revision’ and die again.

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It was cold sitting outside the cafe in Chiswick this morning with my espresso, as winter made a quick return, but at least I did not have a dead body sitting at the next table unlike BA First Class passenger “Paul Trinder, 54, who woke at 30,000ft to discover cabin crew strapping the body of a woman, who died after the plane took off, into the seat across the aisle. He watched in horror as the corpse repeatedly slid beneath the seatbelt on to the cabin floor of the Boeing 747.”

Paul Trinder did not, at first, realise the woman was dead. The Mirror reports: “I went to the galley and said, ‘She doesn’t look too well.’  Cabin crew explained that the woman was dead and unless he had any better ideas, they did not have anywhere else to put the body. A bit difficult to stow a body in an overhead locker. Trinder was told “To get over it.”

Interesting story in The Guardian today: Criminal courts throughout England and Wales face widespread disruption this week as legal aid defence solicitors stage a new wave of protests against proposed changes to the way their services are paid for. More than 1,000 are expected to take part in a mass lobby of parliament this afternoon as a prelude to three days of working to rule in magistrates courts around the country.

Blog around the clock… what the law bloggers are up to:

Tim Kevan, at Barrister Blog, provides a link to the PM being ‘bovvered.”

Justin Patten, Human Law, has reviewed my Podcasting and suggests some ways to develop them. Geeklawyer’s blog was trashed by his ISP last week. Ever resourceful, Geeklawyer is back in business – as sharp as ever.
Baby Barista
considers ‘the Honey Trap’ and Binary Law writes, interestingly, about how Google wants to ‘trap honey.’

Corporate Blawg is changing his style – I like it. This week… “Since Corporate Blawg must obtain f**k-loads of cash in order to be knighted these days, Corporate Blawg goal is cash alone. “

A new blog I have come across – a BVC student, Lawyer-2-be writes interestingly and I have asked L2B to do a podcast. Lo-Fi Liabrarian, as always, has some useful tools and points. Legal Scribbles has been looking at his blog stats for ‘search terms’ – and suggests that Geeklawyer gets a new look. UKLawstudent gets a double rejection and considers what to do about a Masters. Legal Spy has an interesting post about the rush of East European litigation – wry and amusing. I quote: “Tell you what though – there really is gold in them thar eastern European hills.” And Dan Hull, What About Clients? is in Austria en route for Paris.

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The sad death of Bob Woolmer, Pakistan Cricket Coach at the weekend cast a pall over the extraordinary achievement of Ireland, who won against Pakistan in the Cricket World Cup, and pushed Freddie Flintoff’s bender and drinking antics, which resulted in him being sacked as England Vice-captain, down the list of press priorities.

I am a keen fan of Test Cricket and have come, recently, to enjoy watching One Day cricket. Bob Woolmer will be missed. Obituary

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