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Search terms: You have made it when….

You know when you have made it as a blogger when two people in the same day search Google with the following:

“what train shall i get from ealing broadway”


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Are you feeling lucky…punk?

Judge Merrett at a hearing in Jackson, Florida whipped out a handgun in court to protect himself after a fight broke out in his courtroom. (Source: The Mirror 28 March)
Apparently, US judges are allowed to take handguns into court. He handed his gun to court staff after bailiffs contained the fight.

However… it is not just US judges who do unusual things.
The Independent has an interesting article today written by Robert Verkaik : “Racism, drink-driving and improper conduct… the case against judges”

I quote from the opening paragraphs: “There has been a record number of complaints against judges, magistrates and other judicial office holders in the past year.

The Office for Judicial Complaints (OJC) said it looked into 1,434 cases in the first 10 months since its creation, including allegations of racism, drink-driving and other improper conduct. Eight judges and magistrates were removed from the Bench and a further 10 reprimanded. Nearly 400 of the original complaints are still being investigated or are yet to be considered.” Full story

Verkaik reminds us of the two Immigration judges and the Brazilian cleaner episode and the case being brought against Richards LJ for alleged flashing

Lord Chief Justice, Lord Phillips is supporting the establishment of a 24 hour helpline to help judges cope with the stress of judicial office.

And something for the drinking classes…

I came across an amusing post entitled ‘Anonymous Alcoholic”  on ” Outside The Law / Legal Outsider” by ExLex.  You will enjoy it – and it is only a click away.  (I do not post it here – simply because I’d like you to have a look at his blog – which is only fair!)

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