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I happened to find myself at the Bollo tonight – to meet a friend. We departed early to talk of many things. I returned to my Staterooms in West London at 10.00 hours… without straying into Iranian waters… to find that one of my posts (Hard core) had attracted an extraordinary number of hits and 10 comments – the post with the pic of the US litigator whose picture appears to have disappeared from the US law firm’s website in the last 24 hours. (I am pretty sure that his pic was picked up by other non-law mega blogs)

I read the comments… replied… and then went ‘on a foray of my own’ to Geeklawyer’s blog where I like to hang out if I find myself inspired on a Friday night. Geeklawyer was posting about Equity…. I quote, first, his post… and then… my less than helpful reply…

Geeklawyer’s request for information about Equity and Charity Law

“Geeklawyer was wondering if anyone knew of charity or trust law blogs? His first stop, naturally, was Binary law who has found nothing.

I suppose a decent news site would do but most of those seem to be sales pitches: “We at Muttley Dastardly LLP know most of what there is to know about trust law, we can help you with …”. Fine and good, but I want gossip baby, or at least interesting commentary.”

My less than helpful response…

“Good evening… Geeklawyer. I have returned from a money laundering trip to The Bollo….

As it happens… I taught Equity & Trusts for many years…. Snell was my inspiration (The P. V. Baker QC version, naturally) I think of Vandervell No 2 and Re Gulbenkian on a regular basis…. I even did a conference on them some years ago… until I started to get excited about ‘Romalpa’ clauses… Christ… I was unstoppable then. …

Romalpa…Andrabell… Clough Mill v Martin [1984] CA… etc etc… Agency evasions…. Sale of Goods Act 1979 (as amended) drafting structures to avoid the problem… I had to get therapy eventually… Checked into a ‘lawyering out’ clinic in Chancery Lane…. the wine helped… I was cured. Stopped worrying about whether s.49 SOGA 1979 (Action for the price – see also: s17, 18 SOGA 1979) could apply if a valid Romalpa clause was in place… and then I became a big game hunter on the Isle of Wight… the rest is history.

Thank you for your kind words about Muttley Dastardly LLP….

I have been to my own blog this evening. The curious picture of Dr Lecter has… disappeared…. Area 51? As it happens… I had liver and mash tonight… with some Chianti. (Villa Antinori) .. and it was…… delicious.

I am now going to have a good look around and see what is happening.

I was going to be brief… but I am over refreshed… Salute!”

If anyone is able to assist Geeklawyer in his search for websites on Equity and Charity Law – please assist by visiting his blog.

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