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Today I have done two podcasts:

Podcast 10: With Hilary Pearson who is a barrister and has practised as an attorney in Texas, most recently, after converting to become a solicitor, as a partner with Bird & Bird in the Intellectual Property group.

I talk with Hilary about the qualities needed to get into a top law firm and what practice is like in City and Commercial Practice.

Podcast 10: Hilary Pearson on practice as a City solicitor


Podcast 11: With Martin, at Legal Scribbles. I talk with Martin about revising for examinations, what students should do in the exam hall and exam technique. We also give some general insights into what the examiners are looking for.

Podcast 11: Legal Scribbles on preparing for exams and technique


Have a look at Consilio, if you want additional help, for their free exam technique info and the Consilio Revision Course and LAWinaBOX lectures, texts and Q&As.

PS… You may also be interested in Podcast 9 which I did yesterday with Lawyer-2-be on her experience on the BVC

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It was not much after 7.00 am. I did not feel like my usual breakfast so after collecting cigarettes and The Independent and The Mirror I went to a cafe where I can sit outside, have a couple of espressos, read the papers and watch the world go by.

“I snorted my Dad’s ashes” was the headline in The Mirror today. Yes… quite extraordinary, but Keith Richards, “The Rolling Stones hellraiser, 63, mixed his father Bert’s remains with cocaine. He admitted: “It was the strangest thing I’ve tried to snort. But it went down pretty well.”

It does not take me long to flick through The Mirror.

Then there was Prince Charles pictured wearing what appeared to be a ‘re-cycled’ dressing gown and gumboots – an outfit which, apparently, he likes to wear while gardening. It is, The Mirror suggests, a Suman – a luxury hand-stitched wool overcoat worn by Romanians.

And then…. we have Boris… upsetting the people of Portsmouth. Boris Johnson is usually good value. Boris was touring the City in a £340,000 Maybach Limo and is reported in The Mirror as saying “Here we are in one of the most depressed towns in Southern England, a place that is arguably too full of drugs, obesity, underachievement and Labour MPs.”

Portsmouth South Lib Dem Mike Hancock said: “He’s living up to his reputation as a prat who must be sacked right away.”

However… Tory David Willets said: “Boris is just telling the truth as he sees it.”

The Mirror costs 40p. Good value today!…

Moving on to more serious matters: Geeklawyer interrogated by The Bar Council

I give you but a small taste of the transcript…

“Mr Peter Susman QC span round in his high backed leather swivel chair.

“Ah!! Geeklawyer how good to meet you at last. Sit, sit ye down; take a seat my dear chap.”… “

Full transcript of The Geeklawyer hearing

I think that is quite enough for one morning…. at Lunchtime I am meeting with Hilary Pearson, ex-Bird & Bird partner, to do a podcast on practising as a City Solicitor.

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