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Happy Easter… from the dark side…

President I’madinnerjacket of Iran* has released the 15 Naval/Marines crew ‘as a gift to the British people’ and to mark the passing of Christ.

There is absolutely no truth in the rumour that President I’madinnerjacket has been appointed as the third umpire for the England v Australia cricket game on Easter Sunday. There were concerns that he might find it difficult to judge lines on the wicket in run-out situations and contentious boundary decisions.

(* I am grateful to Norman Baird, Editor of Consilio, for correcting my pronunciation of the President’s name)

Geeklawyer cites Evil Dave thanking Jesus for organising a four day bank holiday for us and, topical as ever, Geeklawyer “merely (makes) the milder observation that Jesus was a fictitious Jewish terrorist with a mental disorder that led him to think he was the son of a non-existent God and who therefore died pointlessly for his own sins.”

For my own part, as I have never been baptised – and feel all the better for it – I shall continue to believe in my Roman Gods; two of whom are spending the holiday weekend with me (Bacchus and Diana) …

RollonFriday (5th April) points me to another ‘messianic’ character: David Ryland, partner, SJ Berwin. I quote from his page on the SJ Berwin website.

“David was most recently described in the 2006 edition of Chambers as an “absolutely stellar funds and finance lawyer”, a “demi-god”, “his mythical status keeps him extraordinarily busy”, “unfailingly superb”. David was also described as a “legendary player” in relation to his hotels work. In the 2005 edition of Legal 500, David received the following comment, “From an intellectual standpoint we have yet to see his equal in the field”. In Chambers 2002-2003 he was described as “one of the brightest guys around”, “one of the pioneers”, “streets ahead of everyone else”, “there is not a better brain in the legal world” and “first class – a leading light”.

It must be difficult keeping the burden of greatness to oneself which is why, I assume, he has authorised or permitted, by ommission or commission, the eulogy to be put on his SJ Berwin webpage. The hyperbolators at Chambers and the Legal 500 have done him proud – although I am not entirely sure the hyperbolators were wise in their use of the adverb ‘absurdly’ in this quote from 2002; given the synonyms for ‘absurdly’:

“unquestionably, absurdly great mind as well as hardworking and demanding”.

dictionary.com reference to synonyms for ‘absurdly’:

1. irrational, silly, ludicrous, nonsensical.

I am usually reasonably thorough and fair in my research. Here is another entry from SJB… I really liked the idea that something to do with law could be ‘terribly trendy’…. but… this is possible… the SJB website tells us so in another reference to Ryland: “incredibly clever E pioneer of the “now terribly trendy” offshore unit trusts and other innovative and complex vehicles, several of which have been generally adopted in the marketplace”

And finally… continuing the ‘religious’ theme… I have a ‘Thought for the day”… How many of you believe in psycho-kinesis? Raise my hand.

And… why not?… a bit of Law:

A Delaware judge required a convicted sex offender to wear a ‘sex offender’ tee shirt. This film tests the efficacy of such an order. Amused me… but.. it is Good Friday and I am easily amused.

* I am grateful to Norman Baird, Editor of Consilio for correcting my pronunciation of the President’s name.

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