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Urbi et orbi…

Urbi et Orbi, literally “to the City [of Rome] and to the World,” was a standard opening of Roman proclamations and, of course, I use it in that sense… to do my review of the blogs and, to wish you Happy Eostre.

Diary of a Law Student talks about minipupillage cover letters in his search terms. BabyBarista has a new pupilmistress. Binary Law notes that Geeklawyer is to toe the line which, of course, Geeklawyer is not doing Videlicet/Viz

Corporate Blawg is ‘widdit’ and pumps and dumps. Family Lore continue to inform about Family Law – but this week links to a satirical film about a US Divorce Lawyer which the Florida Bar Association did not find amusing. Lawyer2Be is having a short chocolate break over Easter – but was kind enough to do a very interesting interview with me about the BVC, mature students and diversity. Legal Beagle is asked by ‘Old Guard’ to have a word with a young female member of Chambers about her ‘knee high boots’. Legal Scribbles provides useful advice and guidance on revision and exam techniques when I talk with him in Podcast 11. Lo-fi Librarian flags up Lord Neuberger’s interim report on entry to the Bar. Mirabile dictu, to continue the Latin theme – Nearly Legal has a training contract (Congratulations) but will not be doing a ‘trainee blog’. UK Law Student may be about to start revising. What about Clients? asks… come 2009 “will WAC? have an old friend in the White House?

Lexis-Nexis do a Law blogs review: Here
A few British law blogs get a mention.  Pleasingly Charon is in the fictional category!

I have done quite a few Podcasts this week. I enjoy doing them and the ‘interviewees’ have all been generous with their time and give good advice – scroll down or visit my Podcast section

I received an invitation from President I’madinnerjacket of Iran to visit him at his Palace in Tehran. Unfortunately the GPS co-ordinates were incorrect and were for Nelson’s Column in Trafalgar Square.

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